PCW Memorandum Circular No. 2012-01: Preparation of the 2014 GAD Plan and Budget

Date15 October 2012
ToAll Heads of Executive Departments, Agencies, Bureaus, Agencies, Offices, State Universities and Colleges, Government Owned and/or Controlled Corporations, Legislative and Judiciary Branches, Constitutional Bodies, Other Government Instrumentalities and All Others Concerned
SubjectPreparation of the 2014 Gender and Development (GAD) Plan and Budget

In anticipation of the 2014 National Budget Call by the Department of Budget and Management (DBM), the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW) is urging all concerned government agencies on the early preparation and submission of FY 2014 Gender and Development (GAD) Plan and FY 2012 Gender and Development (GAD) Accomplishment Report.

In preparing their 2014 GAD plans and budgets, agencies are reminded of the following:

1. The 2014 GAD plans and budgets will be prepared and submitted according to the revised Joint Circular. The Guidelines, including its attachments consisting of the GAD plan and budget template and GAD accomplishment report format, was circulated to all concerned agencies and was uploaded in the PCW website during the 3rd quarter of 2012.

2. GAD plans and budgets shall be formulated within the context of agency mandates. In relation to this, agencies are likewise urged to consider the relevant provisions of the Magna Carta of Women, the MDGs, and where possible, their proposals in the draft Women’s Empowerment, Development and Gender Equality Plan (Women’s EDGE Plan) that is now being finalized by the PCW.

3. Per the Guidelines, GAD focal points are expected to lead the preparation of their respective agency GAD plan and budget. The national agency GAD Focal Point shall review the GAD plans and budgets of their attached agencies and regional offices as to their alignment with the overall GAD agenda of the department or national agency, and the correctness and alignment of the entries in each column of the GAD Plan and Budget template. The GFPS shall then submit the final GAD plans and budgets and the corresponding GAD accomplishment reports to PCW for review and endorsement.

4. The JC 2012-01 also allows the attribution to the GAD budget of a portion of the annual budget of agencies’ major programs, to promote the gender responsiveness of programs, and also enable them to approximate or exceed the 5% GAD budget requirement. Agencies are advised to refer to the Guidelines for more details on the process of attribution.

5. PCW shall not review GPBs submitted directly by attached agencies, bureaus and regional offices; instead, these shall be returned to their mother or central office in accordance with item 3 above.

6. GOCCs attached to line departments shall prepare their GPBs in accordance with their budget cycle and shall submit the same to their central office for review.

7. SUCs shall observe the same process of submission. The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) or its designated regional offices or gender resource centers shall review the submissions of SUCS and forward the same to PCW for endorsement to DBM.

8. Timelines for the preparation and submission of GPBs:

September – October 2012Line departments notify their attached agencies, bureaus and regional offices on the preparation and submission of GPBs an GAD ARs
October – November 2012Agencies formulate their annual GPBs; attached agencies etc. submit their GPBs to mother agency for review/comments

November – December 2012
Review of GPBs by mother agency
January 2013Submission of reviewed GPBs and ARs to PCW
January – March 2013Review by PCW and transmission of comments to agencies, if any
Agencies revise reviewed GPBs as needed
PCW starts endorsing final /approved GPBs
PCW starts consolidating GAD ARs

9. PCW deadline for endorsement of final GAD plans and budgets is April 1, 2013.

10. Please refer to the Guidelines for additional information on the process of preparation and submission of GAD plans and budgets.

Questions and clarifications may be addressed to any of the following offices in PCW:

  • Policy Development and Advocacy Division
  • Technical Services Division
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Division
  • Information Resource Management Division
  • Office of the Deputy Executive Director for Operations

For guidance and appropriate action.


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