Call for Nominations for United Nations Bodies

The Department of Foreign Affairs has requested for nominations of suitable and qualified applicants to  Expert Positions in the United Nations.

I. Standby Team of Mediation Experts for the period of January 2011-January 2012.

The Department of Political Affairs of the United Nations established a Mediation Support Unit to provide operational support to the UN and UN-supported efforts.

The Standby Team will be composed of seven (7) experts in the following thematic areas:

  1. Constitution-making
  2. Natural resource/water-sharing
  3. Natural resource/land, housing and tenure
  4. Power-sharing arrangements
  5. Gender-related issues
  6. Security arrangements (two positions)

You may submit nominations directly to the Head of the MEDIATION Support Unit, Mr. Kevin Ong ( no later than 20 September 2010 and copy furnished the DFA (,  Philippine Permanent Mission for the United Nations in New York  (, and PCW  (

You can also refer to the United Nations Call for Nominations for Standby Team of Mediation Experts for more details.

II. Specialists in expert bodies established by the Security Council

The UN Secretariat invites Member States to nominate specialists for the following expert bodies established by the Security Council to enhance the implementation of sanctions imposed under Article 41 of the UN Charter:

  1. Arms and Ammunition Tracing
  2. Border Monitoring
  3. Financial Controls/Investigations
  4. Forensic Auditing
  5. Transport and Logistics
  6. Counter Terrorism
  7. Weapons of Mass Destruction/Non Proliferation
  8. Missile Technology
  9. Human Rights and Humanitarian Expertise, including Sexual and Gender-based Violence(SGBV)
  10. Regional Skills, including language skills.

The decision regarding inclusion of a nominee on the roster will be made on the basis demonstrable expertise, experience and educational background. Those accepted will be contacted directly by the staff of the UN Secretariat. Please direct your nominations to the United Nations and Other International Organizations (UNIO) of the Department of Foreign Affairs and copy furnish PCW.

You can also refer to the United Nations Call for Nomination for Specialist in expert bodies for more details.

III. Members of the Executive Board of the UN Entity on Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women (UN Women)

The recently established UN Women will have an Executive Board composed of 41 members. 10 seats are allotted for the Asian Group. You may directly submit your nominations for the UN Women Executive Board to UNIO-DFA and copy furnish us at PCW. For further concerns, please coordinate with UNIO Office at (02) 833-1322.