Call for nomination for the Search for Outstanding Rural Women 2010

The Interagency Committee on Rural Women invites women’s organizations and networks to submit nominations for the Search for Outstanding Rural Women 2010.  The search gives due recognition to rural women who have shown excellence in their fields of endeavor, have contributed outstanding accomplishments in developing the agriculture, fishery, and natural resources sectors and have made significant impact in the lives of the people in the rural areas.

The search will feature success stories of awardees as role models of women empowerment through their commitment to the right of individuals to food.


  • Must be involved in agriculture and fisheries, forestry and informal sector, whether engaged in paid or unpaid, regular or seasonal, on-farm and off-farm activities, food preparation, managing the household, caring for the children and other similar activities, home-based, and other environmental management and natural resource-based industries;
  • Must not be a government employee or not receiving any remuneration from the government. (However, volunteers who are receiving any amount from the government are eligible to join.);
  • Must not be related by affinity or consanguinity with any current elected official in the municipality up to the first degree (except in Indigenous People communities);
  • Must be a bonafide resident of the rural area where she is working/doing development work; and
  • Must be of good moral character.


  • Original nomination form duly signed by the nominee and the nominator (nominees are not to nominate themselves);
  • Portfolio of the nominee with an executive summary not exceeding two pages.  The portfolio should contain biographical data of the nominee and a detailed history of the nominee’s creative project either written by the nominee or the nominator;
  • Two original endorsement letters from organizations or individuals other than the nominator which attest that the nominee is of good moral character and is not related with any current elected official/s in the municipality;
  • Barangay clearance attesting that the nominee is a resident of the rural area; and
  • Other supporting documents such as newspaper write-ups about the nominee.


There shall be four winners, one each from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao and a national winner.  The winners from island cluster groups will receive PhP 20,000.00 each and a plaque of recognition.  The grand winner will receive PhP 50,000.00, a plaque of appreciation and nomination to the Women’s World Summit Foundation’s Prize for Women’s Creativity in Rural Life in Geneva, Switzerland.  The profiles of the eight (8) short-listed finalists will also be published in a book.

Selection Process

Finalists will be selected by a panel of judges composed of the members of the interagency committee.  Winners will be announced officially on September 15, 2010.

Sending Nominations

Nomination requirements should be received not later than 30 March 2010 through the post or email addressed to:

Secretariat, Interagency Committee on Rural Women c/o Deputy Directors Office,
Philippine Commission on Women,
1145  JP Laurel St. San Miguel 1005, Manila
Tel.: 736-52-50
Fax: 736-4449