2012 Women’s Summit in Cebu

PCW Chairperson Remmy Rikken (standing center, in red) joins the representatives of the Persons with Disability sector during the 2012 Women’s Summit held in UP Cebu on March 21, 2012. The summit, spearheaded by the Cebu City government through the Cebu City Women’s and Family Affairs Commission, is one of the city’s major activities for the 2012 Women’s Month Celebration.

PCW Chairperson Remmy Rikken addresses participants (composed of representatives from various sectors such as the vendors, urban poor, persons with disability, girl-children, youth, professionals and government) to the 2012 Women’s Summit which resulted to a resolution on women’s participation in disaster risk reduction and management, for presentation to the Cebu City Council. Chair Rikken emphasized that “the power of civil society is transformative as it is geared towards building the capacity of disadvantaged groups in terms of dealing with the state and its powerful instrumentalities through the articulation of values and demands calling for accountability and responsiveness to governance.”