Women and Media Summit

Considered as the fourth estate of society, Media has the capacity not only to communicate but also to influence public perception. While its functions are primarily to inform and to entertain, its power can go beyond moving people, mobilizing communities, altering mindsets and creating change.

Cognizant of this power of media, the Magna Carta of Women devoted a section on it which paved the way to the creation of policies and programs and Media and Gender Equality Committee for Media (MGEC) as a mechanism to protect women from discriminatory and derogatory portrayals in broadcast, print, film, and advertisements.

In line with the National Women’s Month, the MGEC is holding a Women and Media Summit to discuss the role of media in raising the consciousness of the general public in recognizing the dignity of women and the role and contribution of women in the family, community, and the society. Moreover, this will highlight media’s role in promoting women’s political participation, power, leadership and decision-making.

The Women and Media Summit is also a venue for sharing good practices of women in the media and an avenue to promote gender-sensitivity and gender-responsiveness in all forms of media.

Capping the Women and Media Summit is the first GADtimpala Awards for Media, where most-gender fair film, most-gender fair TV program, most gender-fair radio program and most gender-fair print media will be recognized.


WE MEANT: Women Speaking, Women Voicing Out

Date and Venue of the Summit

The summit will be held on March 26, 2015, from 1:00-5:00 PM (Summit); GADtimpala Awards for Media (5:30-6:30 PM) at the GSIS Theatre in Pasay City

Who may join the Women and Media Summit?

The Women and Media Summit is open to all media practitioners (maximum of five per organization), students of communication and journalism (maximum of five per school), and information officers from various government agencies (two per agency).

How to join the Summit?

Interested individuals must submit their accomplished registration form and fax to number 736-44-49 or e-mail at media@pcw.gov.ph. Registration is free but on first-come-first-served basis. Deadline of submission of forms is on March 20, 2015.


Guidelines on Women and Media Summit