Statement of MOVE-Aklan on Rape Jokes


Last year MOVE Aklan denounced the lewd performance of dancers in a political campaign in Laguna, again, the country is confronted with unconscionable realities that demean women brought about by machismo and the perpetuation of rape culture as manifested by recent treatment of rape as a joke by no less than a presidential aspirant. We are not only appalled but we are utterly frustrated that the level of political discourse in the final stretch of the campaign season is at the gutter level that no civil society can swallow.

MOVE Aklan never imagined that some persons have stooped so low and what is so frustrating is while there are segments of principled men who seriously work for the elimination of all forms of abuses in our locality, our efforts are trivialized. Rape is rape and a heinous crime at that. Rape is amongst the worst form of VAW and joking about it is basically normalizing the act of rape. And while one make light of and jokes about it as the audience laughed and shouted approval about the deed, It’s like a cockfight scene where two roosters are in the throes of killing one another while the crowd cheered at the sight of blood and death. Unfortunately, the victim was not a rooster; it was a woman, and ultimately, so many more women and girls in the country. Yes, this has what become of us…NORMALIZING the act of rape through jokes thus, perpetuating the culture, that RAPE IS OKAY.

WE strongly condemn the persons and their acts trivializing RAPE and other forms of abuses against women, girls and boys. RAPE IS A CRIME punishable under the Republic of the Philippines. Rape and other forms of abuses have no place in our society. We will teach our children, girls and boys utmost respect for everyone’s rights, recognizing that women’s rights are human rights.

WE stand firm in our commitment, Never to commit VAW!, Never to condone VAW, and SPEAK OUT Against VAW!

MOVE-Aklan President