Statement of MOVE-Aklan on Objectification of Women in Public Events

End Objectification of Women and Raise the Level of Political Campaigns to Ensure Gender Equality and Equity

Men Opposed to Violence Against Women Everywhere (MOVE)-Aklan denounces the lewd performance of dancers in an event of a political party in Laguna. Circulating online are videos showing vulgar and prurient acts that present women as objects of gratification. We are further dismayed that our purported leaders and “honorable” officials could bring this level of bestiality to an event with public audience sans sensitivity and concern for the common good. MOVE Aklan does not agree with Representative Agarao in his statement that nothing is wrong with the “entertainment” provided for him by his friends during his birthday. He believes this enhances his machismo.

The Men Opposed to Violence against Women Everywhere in Aklan decries this blatant display of chauvinism. While there are men who view women and girls as objects of fantasies and desires, and treat them as objects for personal gratification thus the dehumanizing acts and victimization of women and girl children; we in MOVE Aklan think otherwise.

We are concerned that as the election campaign starts, we will be saddled with cheap political gimmickry that smacks of indecency and gender biases. Let us be reminded that half of the Filipino voters are women. They can be our mothers, wives, sisters, daughters and most importantly, they can be your colleagues in your respective political parties, and our next leaders.

We appeal to our fellow men to speak out and never condone commodification of women as this violates their basic human rights.

MOVE-Aklan enjoins all political parties and candidates to raise the bar of electoral campaigns to debates that are anchored on principled and inclusive platform of governance, the elimination of discrimination against women, and addressing specific needs of all citizens regardless of sex, age, ethnicity, ability, religion or gender orientation.