Reproductive health is a human right, lead agency for women reminds lawmakers

“The Reproductive Health Bill (RH bill) fulfills a government obligation and responds to a real need. It is not a something that can be discarded” just because some sectors are against it, says Remedios Ignacio-Rikken, Chairperson of the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW), in anticipation of the Lower House session in Batasan Hills on Tuesday, August 07.

“We have the Magna Carta of Women obliging government to provide comprehensive health services for women, but we need a reproductive health law to allocate human, financial and institutional resources to fulfill this obligation,” Rikken added.

“The Magna Carta of Women implements our international commitment to the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (UN CEDAW). Reproductive health is a human right. The primary duty to serve this right rests on government. I see no reason for our lawmakers not to fulfill this obligation by making the RH bill into a law,” Rikken emphasized.

Tuesday session will determine if interpellations, or interruptions, to the RH bill should end, and the next steps towards its passage should continue. The entire PCW workforce will wear violet and join reproductive advocates in a big gathering in Batasan Hills the same day.