Rape is a crime, never a woman’s fault

The Philippine Commission on Women strongly states that it is never a woman’s fault to get raped.  A woman’s body, her appearance, or her clothes are not invitations for rape or any form of sexual violence. Rape victims are young and old, rich and poor, short and tall. People can be raped regardless of their physical attributes such as the color of their skin, body size, facial features, or hair style.

Women are raped because their bodies are viewed as sexual conquests and objects, that can be owned and abused by men – a mindset which stems from the unequal power relations between men and women.

Rape is no laughing matter.  Rape can cause life-long emotional and physical effects on its victims.  Even to non-victims, joking about rape is offensive.

As long as there are people and institutions that trivialize rape, normalize sexual violence, embolden perpetrators, and put the blame on women, rape culture will continue to persist.

As we strive to build a community free from all forms of gender-based violence especially against all women and girls, we call on all citizens to act and do their part in putting an end to rape and rape culture by taking it seriously, speaking up against abuse and holding perpetrators accountable.

Teach both girls and boys the value of mutual respect and dignity. Together, let us build a society where women no longer get blamed for rape and where women’s fundamental rights are respected and protected.

Rape is a crime and a human rights violation. No rape is justifiable.