This publication highlights the women’s participation in the educational sector. Moreover, it specifically highlights women as beneficiaries of education, women as educators and administrators or agents of educational services. A general assessment or review of the status and role of Filipino women in the field of education during the decade is also included.


  • Women as beneficiaries of education
  • Women as educators and administrators

This book introduces the National Commission on the Role of Filipino Women. It discusses the Commission’s policies and legislations, major programs, research projects, its Clearinghouse and Information Center on Women, participation in the World Conference for the UN decade of women, seminars/workshops conducted and involvement in other socio-cultural activities.  It also highlights the commission’s ten year photo folio (1975 – 1985).

This study looks through the status of women and employment policies relationships. It explains thoroughly the laws that prohibit discrimination among women with regards to employment. It presents the statistical data comparing men and women in terms of employment status, urban and rural based employment during the fourth quarter of 1978 among others. Lastly, it gives recommendation on the current status of women with regards to employment.


Posters developed by the DOLE-OSHC for the GREAT Women Project.