Profiling and Certification of Philippine Commission on Women- GAD Local Learning Hub PCW-GAD LLH Batch 3

The Philippine Commission on Women is pleased to announce that we are now accepting submissions of applications and supporting documents for the profiling of potential GAD Local Learning Hubs (LLHs) for Local Government Units (LGUs).

The PCW GAD Local Learning Hub Certification Program

The GAD LLH is a certification program for local government units (LGUs) conceptualized and developed by PCW through its Local GAD Resource Program (LGRP). As part of the overall PCW GADTimpala Award System, it is designed to institutionalize the sharing and replication of LGUs’ notable experiences, initiatives, and practices on gender mainstreaming.

This program follows the Magna Carta of Women (MCW), which mandates government agencies, including LGUs, to adopt gender mainstreaming as a strategy for promoting women’s human rights and eliminating any forms of gender discrimination in their systems, structures, policies, programs, processes, and procedures.

As a certified GAD LLH, the LGU’s primary role is to provide technical assistance to requesting LGUs and other institutions by sharing their good practices, information, and knowledge products, conducting peer-to-peer coaching sessions, and facilitating site visits or benchmarking activities.

As of 2022, the PCW has certified 12 LGUs with 22 notable programs, services, and facilities as GAD LLHs. To date, these GAD LLHs are grouped according to the following categories:
1.) Gender-Based Violence Response, Interventions, and Facilities;
2.) Women’s Economic Empowerment Programs;
3.) GAD Mechanisms;
4.) Early Childhood Care Facilities, and Programs;
5.) Sexual, Reproductive, and Health Facilities and Programs;
6.) Social Protection and Reintegration Program for Persons Deprived of Liberty;
7.) GAD Database; and Environmental Protection Program.

LGUs with certified GAD LLH are expected to sustain the implementation of their remarkable GAD-related services, facilities, and programs and participate in the assessment or learning sessions organized by the PCW. Part of the monitoring and evaluation mechanism of the GAD LLHs is the submission of reports on the result of services provided to clients and stakeholders. LGUs seeking to adapt to GAD innovations can learn from the GAD LLHs and get inspiration to integrate GAD perspective into local governance and public service.

Advantages of Being a PCW-GAD LLH

The GAD LLH serves as a replication mechanism for best practices on gender mainstreaming at the local level. To sustain the implementation of these best practices, PCW enters into a Partnership Agreement (PA) with the LGU. The PA with the LGU grants them access to the following:

  1. Direct support from PCW in the conduct of capacity-building training for GAD Focal Point System members and the GAD LLH program implementers to strengthen their capacity to mainstream a gender perspective in the processes and systems of the LGU.
  2. Promotion of the LGU’s notable GAD efforts through the PCW website and other mechanisms.
  3. Direct assistance from PCW in developing Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) materials related to the GAD LLH.
  4. Referral from PCW to relevant organizations and agencies and endorsement of efforts during PCW-organized conferences, training, and workshops.
  5. Provision of counterpart funds and non-cash resources such as staff time, utilities, office supplies and materials, equipment, and other amenities during the conduct of GAD LLH-related activities.

Who are Eligible to Apply?

LGUs with potential notable gender-responsive programs/practices may submit their application to be certified as a GAD LLH. The LGUs will go through a three-stage process as follows:

Step 1 – Application Process

  1. Interested LGU should accomplish the GAD LLH Profile Form and attach all pertinent documents including but not limited to the following:
  • Copy of endorsed GAD Plans and Budget (CY 2021 and 2022)
  • GAD Accomplishment Reports (CY 2020 and 2021)
  • Copy of Policy/ies on the establishment and/or strengthening of gender mainstreaming mechanisms (e.g., Executive order creating and or strengthening of the LGU GAD Focal Point System, development and implementation of LGU GAD plans and budgets, the institutionalization of sex-disaggregated data based on the PCW-DILG-NEDA-DBM Joint Memorandum
  • Circular 2013-01, among others) are issued or other GAD-related issuances/policies,
  • Copy of LGU GAD Code (and IRR if available)
  • Copy of Local Development Plans that are integrated with GAD perspective
  • Signed partnership agreements on GAD mainstreaming with relevant stakeholders
  • Proposal and documentation of GAD related activities
  • Supporting documents about the gender-responsive program/project/policy which the LGU deems viable for replication
  1. LGUs can submit the soft copies of the required forms and their attachment in a portable document file (PDF) format through email following the subject format: GAD LLH Application [space] <Name of LGU>. LGUs can also submit the printed copies of the required documents via courier and send them to:

Philippine Commission on Women
c/o Technical Services and Regional Coordination Division
1145 Jose P. Laurel St., Malacañang Palace Complex, San Miguel, Manila

  1. The application submission for profiling of GAD LLH Batch 3 will be accepted from July 11 until September 15, 2022. Applications received beyond the deadline will not be included in the profiling and shortlisting process. Only applications with completely filled-out forms and attachments will be considered.
  1. The PCW-Technical Services and Regional Coordination Division (TSRCD), the office in charge of implementing the GAD LLH, will process the submitted applications and make the initial assessment based on the criteria set for qualified/shortlisted applicants.

Step 2 – Assessment Process

The PCW GAD LLH team will thoroughly review the documents submitted by the LGUs to check for the accuracy and completeness of the information. Only LGUs with complete submissions will be included in the shortlisting process.

  1. Shortlisting

    A scoring guide will be used to initially assess the organizational-level readiness of the LGU as a potential GAD LLH. The shortlisted LGUs will be rated in four areas:
    a) GAD-related policies (25 points),
    b) People (25 points),
    c) Enabling Mechanisms (25 points), and
    d) Programs/Activities/Projects (25 points).
    The LGU should garner at least 50 points out of the total 100 points to be shortlisted.

    Once shortlisted, the LGU will be notified through the email indicated in the GAD LLH Profile Form.

  1. Validation of Shortlisted LGU Applicants

    To verify and substantiate the information provided in the GAD LLH Profile Form and the corresponding MOVs, the PCW shall conduct validation visits on dates agreed upon by both parties. Through the validation session, the LGU program/facilities are probed regarding its viability for replicating other LGUs and its impact on the lives of partner beneficiaries. The methodologies to be used in this process include conducting a classroom-type discussion on the rationale and accomplishments of the program, focus group discussions among the program beneficiaries and program implementers, and site visits. The validation session and site visits will also serve as a venue to discuss the partnership agreement between the PCW and the LGU regarding the programs that will be certified as LLH.

    The validation process is also a strategic opportunity for the shortlisted LGUs to prepare the results of the administration of the GERL Assessment Tool and the appropriate HGDG Checklist if the Program/Facility/Project does not directly address gender issues.

    PCW may invite its partners, such as members of the GAD Resource Pool in the Region where the LGU is located, to help in the validation process.

  1. Final Assessment and Ratings

    To qualify for the PCW GAD LLH Certification, the LGU should earn a combined overall score of at least 80% from 2 major criteria/parameters.

a. Results of the GERL Tool application to determine the LGU’s gender- responsiveness in terms of organization and delivery of basic services (50%). The LGU must earn at least a score between 2.76 to 3.25, equivalent to “gender-sensitive or higher”

b.1 Review of notable LGU GAD Program/Facilities/Projects (50%). The LGU’s notable GAD Program/s or facilities will be reviewed based on the following rubrics:

Program/Facility Design10 points
Program/Facility Results and Impacts15 points
Program/Facility Sustainability15 points
Program/Facility Replicability10 points

The LGU’s assessment results in the second major criteria should be at least 25 points or above to be considered for the final computation


b.2) Results of the administration of the HGDG Design and PIMME Checklists if the notable Program/Facility/Project does not directly address gender issues. The minimum acceptable rating should be within the range considered “Gender-sensitive,” which means the program/facility passed the GAD test based on the HGDG Tool.

Should the LGU’s final score fall below 80%, the LGU can request a re-validation visit after one (1) year or if the LGU has already accomplished the PCW’s recommendation to earn a rating of 80% or above.

The final results of the assessment process will be presented to the PCW Management Committee and Board of Commissioners for approval. Once approved, PCW will notify the LGU of the final result and next steps for the GAD LLH certification process.

Step 3 – Certification

Once PCW has approved the list of LGUs for GAD LLH certification, they will be informed through official communication. They will be invited to a Certification Ceremony to recognize them as GAD LLH. The ceremonial certification may be held on August 14 during the MCW Anniversary or during one of the LGU’s major events/activities, whichever both parties prefer.

As a symbol of this recognition, the PCW will present the LGU through its Local Chief Executive and Program Implementers with the PCW GAD LLH Glass Markers that may be installed in conspicuous areas of the LGU Halls/Office.

PCW will also prepare a Partnership Agreement for review of the LGU and its Sanggunian, which will be signed during the ceremonial certification.

Timeline of GAD LLH Batch 3 Certification

DateTarget Activity
Jul 11, 2022Opening of application/nomination for potential GAD LLH
September 15, 2022Deadline of submission of application
September 16 – November 15, 2022Review of application
November 16- December 15, 2022Drafting of profiling report
January 13, 2023Announcement of shortlisted LGUs
Jan 16- May 31, 2023Conduct of validation session and site visits
to shortlisted LGUs
June 1 – July 15, 2023Drafting of validation report
July 31, 2023Announcement of LGUs for LLH Certification
Aug 14, 2023Ceremonial recognition and certification

For inquiries or clarifications regarding the profiling of potential GAD LLH, interested applicants may coordinate with the Technical Services and Regional Coordination Division at (+632) 8243-1131 or 8735-4767 loc. 110. LGUs may also reach the GAD LLH Secretariat through 0917-834-0592 or email at