PCW, PNP boost ties to strengthen gender mainstreaming in police force

The Philippine Commission on Women (PCW) and the Philippine National Police (PNP) strengthen ties in an aim to intensify the gender mainstreaming programs of the latter, and in turn, further capacitate the police force in providing gender-responsive services to women and girls.

In an agreement signed on June 3, 2021 the two agencies committed to work together in boosting PNP’s gender mainstreaming. The ceremonial signing took place after the virtual Gender and Development (GAD) Executive Briefing attended by over a 100 police officials and personnel and PCW. This partnership resulted from PCW’s provision of proactive technical assistance to the PNP team led by PCOL Gemma Vinluan, Chief of the Family, Juvenile and Gender and Development Division. 

In her message, PCW Executive Director Atty. Kristine Rosary E. Yuzon-Chaves highlighted that the PNP is a key law enforcement agency in the implementation of laws and policies relative to women’s rights, such as the Magna Carta of Women, Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children Act, Anti-Sexual Harassment, Anti-Rape law, and Safe Spaces Act, among others. Therefore, it is an agency vital to addressing gender issues such as gender-based violence in the country.

“With this partnership, PCW commits to work with the PNP to ensure that gender issues of both men and women police officers, including non-commissioned officers and non-uniformed personnel, and of course the general public, especially women and girls are brought to the mainstream and addressed accordingly. We are honored to be working with a committed agency such as PNP towards gender equality and women’s empowerment,” Yuzon-Chaves said.

PNP Chief PGEN Guillermo Lorenzo T. Eleazar, in a statement, encouraged every member of the police force to be committed in their work towards inclusivity.

“This holds as much importance to us, the capability to move in order to contribute valuably. Therefore, let us remain focused on our mission, continue to be proactive, and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of this organization by simply doing our sworn duty, especially in protecting women and children and upholding rights-based approach within the Philippine National Police,” the Chief PNP reiterated.

PCW – PNP Partnership

Under the Partnership Agreement, the PNP and PCW shall conduct different activities and programs including the GAD Executive Briefing, Gender Analysis and the related Training of Trainers, GAD Planning and Budgeting Training for PNP GFPS members, among others. The PCW will also assist PNP by providing technical assistance in the review and endorsement and/or acceptance of the PNP 2020 GAD Accomplishment Report and 2022 GAD and Budget, recommending GAD Resource pool speakers in areas and topics where PCW cannot directly provide technical assistance, and attend meetings, workshops and trainings, as well as conduct an annual assessment with PNP to discuss concerns.

PMGen. Rhodel O Sermonia, Director for Police Community Relations and Chairperson of the Gender Focal Point System EXECOM, said that the agreement manifests the desire to further utilize and mobilize available expertise, facilities and other resources that can support GAD programs and projects and the implementation of the Magna Carta of Women (MCW) and other GAD-related policies within PNP.

“The mutual capacity building as highlighted by this Agreement shall serve the best interest of our institution as we move toward the satisfaction of our respective mission and mandate as separate organization especially now that we are creating the new narrative in the PNP, including institution of monitoring mechanisms on our GAD efforts, such as, but not limited to the submission of its 2020 GAD Accomplishment Report and 2022 GAD Plan and Budget and updating of its Gender Mainstreaming and Evaluation Framework (GMEF) ratings. ” PMGen. Sermonia shared.

PNP Gender and Development Profile

The PNP is committed to intensify its gender mainstreaming, which, under the Gender Mainstreaming Evaluation Framework assessment, is currently at level 3 or GAD Institutionalization level with a score of 61.23 (PNP’s GMEF 2019 rating).

From the data given by PNP, it shows that females are still outnumbered both in strength and percentage when it comes to ranks. From Patrolman/Patrolwoman to Police Generals, females comprise only 17.94%, or 37,157 in numbers, compared to men who occupy 82.06% percent with the strength of 169,955. It can also be noted that currently, there are no women holding the positions of Police Brigadier General, Police Major General, Police Lieutenant General, and Police General.

PNP Chief PGen Guillermo Lorenzo T. Eleazar however pointed out that the “PNP always aimed for the improvement of policies and in maximizing the organizational effectiveness by bridging gaps created by gender biases.”

“Naniniwala ako na ang kakayahan ng isang tao ay wala sa kanyang sekswalidad kundi nasa kanyang angkin na galing, talino at disiplina bilang isang tapat na tagapaglingkod,” he added.

PNP as part of the Peace and Security Sector

Mainstreaming GAD in the peace and security sector is significant in pursuing gender equality, as mandated by international and local commitments, including the Beijing Platform for Action, UN Sustainable Development Goals, National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security, and others. Thus, it is one of the priority sectors being monitored by PCW’s Sectoral Coordination Division, with PNP being deemed a fundamental agency considering its aforementioned mandates.

Aside from PNP, the PCW is also closely working with other agencies under the peace and security sector, namely: Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process, Department of National Defense, Armed Forces of the Philippines, Philippine Airforce, Philippine Army, and the Philippine Navy. 

By fortifying gender mainstreaming in the agencies under this sector, the PCW continues to promote and encourage the building of a just, peaceful, and inclusive society.