PCW Message on the observance of the 2016 18-Day Campaign to End VAW

A community that is free from Violence Against Women (VAW) isn’t really that far-fetched, especially when everyone is committed and eager to do their share in pursuing this as a common vision.

With the theme “VAW-free community starts with me,” this year’s 18-Day Campaign To End VAW shifts to positive advocacy messaging by giving emphasis on everyone’s commitment and contributions in ending VAW. The campaign likewise highlights what can be done to make women and girls live a life that is free from violence.

Achieving this VAW-free community requires changes in behaviour — women coming out and reporting cases of violence; men discussing with fellow men never to commit, never to condone and never to remain silent about VAW; government agencies improving their services to VAW victims and survivors; nongovernment organizations and private institutions promote justice and healing among the victims through advocacy and direct services; barangay VAW desks providing quality and gender-responsive referral services to the communities; and schools that teach boys and girls and young women and men about the importance of mutual respect for human rights of everyone. And although the work is tough, we believe that we can make it happen if we all work together.

May this 18-Day Campaign to End VAW continue to challenge us to care for women and girls even more and widen our awareness on their rights and issues. May we all see ourselves taking actions towards a community that is more accepting of our diversity as a community and more respectful of each other’s rights.

Each of us has a role in sparking change. We should go nowhere else but to improving our present condition and building a better future. We can only succeed when we support and collaborate with each other.

May we all have a meaningful observance of the 18-Day Campaign to End VAW!