PCW Memorandum Circular No. 2022-07: Submission of FY 2022 GAD Accomplishment Report

Date05 December 2022
ToAll Heads of Executive Departments, Agencies, Bureaus, Offices, State Universities and Colleges, Government-Owned and/or -Controlled Corporations, Legislative and Judiciary Branches, Constitutional Bodies, Other Instrumentalities of the National Government and All Others Concerned
SubjectSubmission of FY 2022 GAD Accomplishment Report

1.0 Preparation and Submission of FY 2022 GAD AR through the GMMS version 2 or 3

1.1. Pursuant to Section 36 of Republic Act No. 9710 or the Magna Carta of Women (MCW), the utilization and outcome of the GAD budget shall be annually monitored and evaluated. As such, all line departments, constitutional bodies, judicial and legislative bodies, attached agencies/bureaus, other executive offices (OEOs), and government-owned and/or controlled corporations (GOCCs) shall submit their consolidated FY 2022 GAD Accomplishment Reports (ARs) to PCW through the PCW Gender Mainstreaming Monitoring System (GMMS) on or before the following dates:

24 February 2023Deadline for State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) to submit to the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) regional offices.
3 March 2023Deadline of submission to PCW of the following:

a. Constitutional bodies
b. Legislative and judicial bodies
c. Office of the President
d. Office of the Vice-President
e. Other Executive Offices (OEOs)
10 March 2023Deadline of submission of executive departments and their attached agencies to PCW.
17 March 2023Deadline of submission of Government-Owned and/or -Controlled Corporations (GOCCs) to PCW
24 March 2023Deadline of CHED Regional Offices to submit to PCW the reviewed FY 2022 GAD ARs of SUCs.

1.2. SUCs’ GAD ARs submitted through the GMMS shall first be reviewed by the concerned CHED regional office. Once the GAD AR has been reviewed and deemed acceptable, the CHED regional office shall submit it to the PCW, through the GMMS.

1.3. In line with the goal of transitioning from an output-based to a results-based approach to GAD planning and budgeting, the following GMMS Version 3 pilot agencies shall prepare their FY 2022 GAD AR using the revised GAD AR form:
a) Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources
b) Commission on Higher Education
c) Department of Agriculture
d) Department of National Defense
e) Department of Social Welfare and Development
f) Department of Trade and Industry
g) Development Bank of the Philippines
h) Government Service Insurance System
i) Land Bank of the Philippines
j) National Economic and Development Authority
k) Philippine Carabao Center
l) Philippine Center for Postharvest Development and Mechanization
m) Philippine Commission on Women
n) Philippine Rice Research Institute
o) Technical Education and Skills Development Authority

The submission of FY 2022 GAD ARs of pilot agencies shall be coursed through GMMS Version 3 following the submission schedule in Section 1.1.

1.4. Considering that the GAD AR shall be consolidated by agency, the GAD expenditure of a regional office or a constituent unit may not necessarily reach 5% of its approved total annual budget for as long as the agency as a whole meets the minimum 5% GAD expenditure based on the agency’s total budget appropriations.

1.5. To attribute the expenditure of a major agency program/project to GAD in the FY 2022 GAD AR, agencies shall accomplish the Harmonized Gender and Development Guidelines (HGDG) Project Implementation and Management, and Monitoring and Evaluation (PIMME) checklist (HGDG Boxes 16 & 17) or the Facility Implementation, Management, and Monitoring and Evaluation (FIMME) checklist (HGDG Box F2), whichever is applicable, to assess the gender-responsiveness of the implementation of the program/project.

1.5.1. In accomplishing the HGDG PIMME or FIMME checklist, agencies shall fill out the Remarks column of the HGDG checklist for items in which the agency answered “yes” or “partly yes,” and indicate the relevant means of verification (MOV) to facilitate the validation of the HGDG score.

1.5.2. The score in the HGDG assessment shall be the basis for determining the actual cost/expenditure that can be attributed to GAD and reflected in the GAD AR. The percentage score of the program/project in the HGDG PIMME/FIMME assessment shall correspond to the percentage of the expenditure of the agency’s major program/project that may be attributed to the GAD: Provided, that programs/projects with HGDG PIMME/FIMME scores below 4.0 shall not be eligible for attribution. The formula shall be as follows:

HGDG PIMME /FIMME Score X 100% = % of annual program expenditure attributable to GAD

(% of annual program expenditure attributable to GAD) x (annual program expenditure) = amount attributable to GAD in the AR)

e.g. 16.5/20 x 100% = 82.5%

82.5% × Php 50 million = Php 41,250,000.00

1.5.3. PDF copies of the accomplished HGDG PIMME/FIMME checklist, the program/project brief, and accomplishment report, details of expenditure, as well as the relevant MOVs for the agency self-rating shall be attached to the agency’s GAD AR submission, such as activity reports, monitoring and evaluation reports, and list of sex-disaggregated data or gender statistics that were used and/or collected, among others.

1.6. Agencies shall ensure the completeness of submitted documents, especially the MOVs for the HGDG assessment score.

1.7. Agencies are also requested to attach narrative reports, which could include good practices and testimonies of their GAD accomplishments in their GAD ARs using the attachment facility (Column 11) of the GMMS.

1.8. Agencies may start encoding their FY 2022 GAD ARs in the GMMS on January 16, 2023.

2.0 Review of the FY 2022 GAD AR

2.1. As provided in PCW-NEDA-DBM Joint Circular No. 2012-01, the PCW does not endorse the GAD ARs, only GAD Plans and Budgets. Section 10.0 of said Joint Circular provides for the submission of annual GAD ARs by government agencies, which shall serve as PCW’s basis in preparing the annual GAD Budget Report for submission to Congress and the Office of the President.

2.2. Once received, the PCW reviews the GAD AR, provides comments, observations, and remarks, and returns the GAD AR to the agency. A maximum of two (2) passes of review will be undertaken by the PCW on the submitted GAD AR. This means that the first set of comments in the first pass, if any should be responded to in the second submission of the agency. The second GAD AR submission will be the basis for PCW’s final comments, observations, and remarks.

2.3. The returned GAD AR with final comments, observations, and remarks shall serve as a reference or guide of the concerned agency in the implementation of their current GAD programs, activities, and projects (PAPs), as well as in the preparation of their succeeding GAD plans and budgets.

2.4. The returned GAD AR shall no longer bear a GMMS barcode which is only for endorsed GAD plans and budgets.

3.0 Generation and Dissemination of the PCW-Reviewed GAD AR

3.1. Agencies shall print the returned GAD ARs with PCW’s final observations and remarks and submit the signed GAD ARs to the PCW and to the concerned agency’s COA Audit Team.

3.2. The final observations and remarks of PCW shall be indicated in the “General Comments” section of the returned GAD AR, which can be viewed and downloaded from the GMMS. Below are the steps to generate the PDF copy of the GAD AR with the final observations and remarks:

a) Click the “My GAD Profiles” menu;
b) Select “List of GAD Plans and GAD ARs”;
c) Click the View icon under the Actions column;
d) Click the Comment Reports icon on the upper left side portion of the window to view the reviewed GAD AR with PCW’s comments, remarks, or observations; and
e) Finally, click the PDF icon to generate the report.

Annex A provides the guide (screenshots of the GMMS version 2 interface) for generating the PDF copy of the GAD AR with comments. GMMS version 3 pilot agencies may directly coordinate with the PCW System Administrator in generating their GAD AR with comments through sysadmin@pcw.gov.ph.

For guidance and appropriate action. 

Executive Director

Download a copy of the MC and Annex A here.