PCW Memorandum Circular 2013-02: Preparation of FY 2015 Gender and Development Plans and Budgets and FY 2013 GAD Accomplishment Report and Other Matters

A.  Preparation of Annual Gender and Development Plans and Budgets for 2015 and GAD Accomplishment Report for 2013

In  anticipation   of  the  2015  National  Budget  Call  by  the  Department   of  Budget  and Management   (DBM),   the  Philippine   Commission   on  Women   (PCW)  is  reminding   all concerned  government  agencies  on  the  early  preparation  and  submission  of  FY  2015 Gender and Development  Plan and Budget (GPB) and FY 2013 Gender and Development (GAD AR) Accomplishment Report in accordance with the guidelines and schedules outlined under Joint Circular 2012-01 issued by DBM, NEDA and PCW circulated to all concerned agencies. 

In preparing their 2015 GAD plans and budgets, agencies are reminded of the following:

1. GAD plans and budgets shall be formulated within the context of agency mandates. In relation to this, agencies are likewise urged to consider the relevant provisions of the Magna Carta of Women, the MDGs, CEDAW, and where possible, the relevant provisions of the Women’s  Empowerment,  Development  and Gender Equality Plan (Women’s  EDGE Plan) that is now being finalized by the PCW.

2. Per JC 2012-01, GAD focal points are expected to lead the preparation of their respective agency GAD plan and budget.  The national agency GAD Focal Point shall review the GAD plans and budgets of their attached agencies and regional offices as to their alignment with the overall  GAD agenda  of the department  or national  agency,  and the correctness  and alignment of the entries in each column of the GAD Plan and Budget template.  The GFPS shall   then   submit   the   final   GAD   plans   and   budgets   and   the   corresponding GAD accomplishment  reports to PCW for review and endorsement.  This process of submission and review is the justification for the early preparation  of the GAD Plans and Budgets and Accomplishment reports.

3. GOCCs,  including  those  attached  to  line  departments  shall  prepare  their  GPBs  in accordance  with  their budget  cycle  and  shall  submit  the same  to their  central  office  for review or directly to PCW if they are not attached to any line department.

4. SUCs  shall  observe  the  same  process  of submission.    The  Commission  on  Higher Education (CHED) or its designated regional offices or gender resource centers shall review the submissions of SUCS and forward the same to PCW for endorsement to DBM.

5. PCW shall not review GPBs submitted directly by attached agencies, bureaus, regional offices  and  SUCs;  instead,  these  shall  be  returned  to  their  mother  or  central  office  in accordance with item 2-4 above;

6. The JC 2012-01 also allows the attribution to the GAD budget of a portion of the annual budget of agencies’  major programs,  to promote the gender responsiveness  of programs, and also enable them to approximate or exceed the 5% GAD budget requirement.  Agencies are advised to refer to JC 2012-01  for more details on the process of attribution.

7. Timelines for the preparation  and submission of GPBs and ARs:   Line departments  are expected  to set the date and notify by September  their attached  agencies,  bureaus  and regional offices on the deadline of submission of their annual GPBs and ARs to the central office and for these agencies to start the preparation of their 2015 GAD plans and 2013 GAD accomplishment report.  Agencies are further reminded of the schedules as follows:

November – Attached agencies, bureaus and regional offices submit their annual GPBs and ARs to their respective line departments or central agencies’ GAD Focal Point System.

November-December – Line departments or central agencies with field and regional offices, bureaus and attached agencies review and consolidate all GPBs and GAD ARs and transmit comments as needed.

January (1 year before budget year) – Submission of compiled or consolidated GPBs and ARs to PCW.

8. PCW deadline for endorsement of final GAD plans and budgets is February 28, 2014.

9. Please refer to the full text of JC 2012-01 for additional information  on the process of preparation and submission of GAD plans and budgets and GAD accomplishment report.

B. Conduct of the GAD Budget Forum for NGAs and GOCCs on 7 & 8 November

10. To assist agencies in the preparation of their 2015 GAD Plans and Budgets and 2013 Accomplishment Reports, the PCW will organize two batches of GAD Budget Forum for national government agencies on November 7 and 8, 2013 Manila (actual venue to be announced later). The Forum aims to orient/reorient agencies on the process of preparing the GPBs and ARs, clarify issues and problems encountered by agencies and present and discuss the Gender Mainstreaming Monitoring Evaluation System.

Batch 1, 7 November 2013 (Thursday), 8:30-5:00pm:

  • Executive Office (OP, PCOO and DFA)
  • Defense and Security (DILG, DND and DOJ)
  • Health and Science (MMDA, DOST, DOH (except hospitals) and DSWD)
  • Judiciary and Constitutional Offices (CSC, COA, COMELEC, CHR, OMBUDSMAN and SCP)
  • Education and Employment (CHED (except SUCs), DepEd and DOLE)

Batch 2, 8 November 2013 (Friday), 8:30-5:00pm:

  • Legislative and Oversight (DBM, DOF, NEDA, SENATE and HoR)
  • Public Works, Transport and Energy (DOT, DOE, DPWH and DOTC)
  • Agriculture and Environment (DAR, DA, DENR and DTI)
  • GOCCs

11. Attached agencies, bureaus and GOCCs are strongly encouraged to attend the session schedule of their mother/central agency while stand-alone GOCCs are scheduled to participate in the second day session. Each agency may send a maximum of 3 participants and can only attend one session. Registration should be submitted on or before October 20, 2013. Participant’s registration will be confirmed by email or text message.

12. The Forum will include an orientation on the Gender Mainstreaming Monitoring System (GMMS), a web-based system for the submission and review of GAD plans and budgets to be followed by all agencies for the 2016 GPB process but will be piloted by selected agencies for the 2015 GAD plan and budget cycle. The pilot agencies have been trained by PCW on the application of the system and agreements for piloting have been set for the 2015 GPB preparation. The pilot agencies are as follows:

  • Department of Agriculture
  • Commission on Audit
  • Department of Social Welfare and Development
  • Department of the Interior and Local Government
  • Presidential Management Staff

Questions and clarifications on the MC may be relayed to the Office of the Deputy Executive Director for Operations: 736 5250; email: ddo@pcw.gov.ph

Questions on the GAD Budget Forum may be relayed to the Technical Services Division: 735 8917; email: tsd@pcw.gov.ph

For guidance and appropriate action.


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