PCW Memorandum Circular No. 2021-03: Supplemental Guidelines on the Review of the FY 2020 GAD Accomplishment Report (GAD AR)

Date15 March 2021
ToHeads of Executive Departments, Agencies, Bureaus, Offices, State Universities and Colleges, Government Owned and/or Controlled Corporations, Legislative and Judiciary Branches, Constitutional Bodies, Other Instrumentalities of the National Government and All Others Concerned
SubjectSubmission of FY 2020 GAD Accomplishment Report

1.0 This Memorandum Circular provides the detailed procedure for the review of FY 2020 GAD ARs of national government agencies and instrumentalities that were submitted to PCW through the GMMS following PCW Memorandum Circular (MC) No. 2021-01, dated 20 January 2021. The flowchart of the review process is provided in Annex A.

2.0 As clarified under Section 8.0 of PCW MC No. 2021-01, the annual GAD ARs of national government agencies are submitted to PCW to serve as basis for the preparation of the Annual GAD Budget Report for submission to Congress and other oversight agencies. In addition, the remarks and observations provided by PCW in the agency GAD AR shall serve as reference or guide for the concerned agency in the implementation of their current GAD programs and policies, as well as in the preparation of their succeeding GAD Plans and Budgets.

3.0 Section 8.0 of PCW MC No. 2021-01 also clarifies that PCW does not endorse agency GAD ARs (unlike GAD Plans and Budgets). As such, Section 7.0 of the same MC is hereby amended that submitted and reviewed GAD ARs shall no longer bear a GMMS barcode, which is supposedly only for endorsed GAD plans and budgets. The reviewed GAD ARs will be returned to the agency with PCW’s comments, remarks and observations.

4.0 A maximum of two passes of review will be undertaken by the PCW on the submitted GAD AR which means that the first set of comments, if any, should already be considered/responded to on the second/final submission of the agency since it will be the basis for the final remarks/observations. Agencies shall ensure the completeness of submitted documents especially the means of verifications for the HGDG assessment score.

5.0 The guidelines provided in Section 5.0 of PCW MC No. 2021-01 for attributing the expenditure of a major agency program/project to GAD using the Harmonized Gender and Development Guidelines (HGDG) shall apply to the FY 2020 GAD AR.

6.0 The remarks and observations of PCW shall be indicated in the “General Comments” section of the reviewed GAD AR, which may be viewed and downloaded from the Gender Mainstreaming Monitoring System (GMMS). Below are the steps to generate the PDF copy of the GAD AR with comments:

a. Click the “My GAD Profiles” menu;
b. Select “List of GAD Plans and GAD ARs”;
c. Click the View icon under the Actions column;
d. Click the Comment Reports icon on the upper left side portion of the window to view the reviewed GAD AR with PCW’s comments, remarks or observations; and
e. Finally, click the PDF icon to generate the report.

Please refer to Annex B for the guided screenshots of the GMMS interface.

7.0 Concerned agencies shall print the final GAD AR with PCW’s remarks and observations for signature, and submit signed copies to PCW and their respective COA Audit Team.

8.0 For guidance and appropriate action.


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