PCW, DDB’s campaign on domestic violence wins Tambuli Bronze Award

The Philippine Commission on Women (PCW) and DDB Group Philippines’s #KnockOutDomesticViolence Campaign bagged the 2016 Asia Pacific Tambuli Bronze Award for Integrated Media Category.

The winning campaign shares the same spot with India’s “Track the Bite” Campaign, Philippine GMA Network’s “Share the Love” Campaign, Philippine Golden Arches Development Corporation’s “McTollBooth” and Unilever Singapore’s OMOTET “Coming Home” Campaign.

In May 2015 as the world waits for the fight “Fight of the Century” between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, Jr., the PCW and DDB Philippines collaborated to get the attention the public and spread awareness on Domestic Violence by mimicking the “Battle for Greatness” posters and strategically placed side-by-side with posters that represent the physical, emotional and psychological abuse women experience, and where violence occurs- from the privacy of their homes and sometimes, in the public eye.

The PCW and DDB Philippines Campaign involved releasing one poster a day within three days before the actual fight in all relevant social media and websites, and strategically placed them next to the promotional posters – in print, online, transit ads and on-ground where the fight was promoted and will be viewed live via pay-per- view. These strategic placements made people do a double take to get a closer look at the posters. DDB Philippines estimates that more than a million were reached by the posters for three days. 

“We congratulate the DDB Group Philippines for winning the Tambuli Awards. This achievement proves that the combined efforts of the government and private sector brings good results in terms of increasing public awareness on issues such as violence against women,” said PCW Executive Director Emmeline L. Verzosa.

“On behalf of the PCW, we sincerely thank DDB Philippines for their unwavering support to our Anti-Violence Against Women  or VAW advocacy. Their passion to share their resources, expertise, time and talent  helps bring this issue into the spotlight and potentially make more people realize the gruesome reality of VAW,” she added.

Enjoining private corporations

Following this success, the PCW is optimistic to forge more partnerships with the private sector in advancing the lives of women.

“PCW has always been open to collaboration with the private sector and non-government organizations for programs and activities of mutual interest, especially along the line of women’s economic empowerment, ending gender-based violence, education and training for women, women’s leadership, and social development, among others,” said Verzosa.

“With these collaborative efforts knowledge is enriched, creativity in unleashed, and more people are reached through combined human, technical and financial resources,” she added.

The Asia-Pacific Tambuli Awards recognize brand campaigns that celebrate humanity, inspire purpose, and deliver results. According to its website, the award-giving body began in Manila in 2005, and opened up to the Asia Pacific region in 2012. The Tambuli (a native Filipino horn) is organized by the School of Communication of the University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P) in collaboration with the industry, to create positive impact in society through marketing communications.