PCW condemns acts commodifying women and men

The Philippine Commission on Women (PCW) expresses grave disappointment over the recent fashion show produced by a local apparel brand.

PCW condemns the act during the said fashion show wherein a female model portrayed like a pet and was held on a leash by a local endorser while walking down the runway.

While staging a fashion show is part of the company’s marketing strategy to promote their brand, said act should never be tolerated especially if it dehumanizes and demeans the dignity of women, treating their bodies as mere sex objects and commodities.

Women should always be portrayed and represented with dignity. Presentation of women as inferior beings and sexual objects should be eliminated.

PCW also condemns commodification of male bodies which were flaunted exaggeratedly during the show, making their series of acts akin to soft porn.

We are urging all workers in the entertainment and advertising industry to exercise sensitivity and promote positive portrayal of women. Section 19 of the Magna Carta of Women (MCW) or the R. A. 9710 clearly states that the portrayal of women in a discriminatory, demeaning and/or derogatory manner in advertisements, shows and programs is not allowed.

PCW warrants a public apology to the producers of the show, especially that netizens were quite disturbed by photos of the said acts.