Orange Your Icon for 18 Days

In solidarity with the United Nations’ UNiTE to End Violence Against Women Campaign, the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW) calls on all stakeholders to participate in the ORANGE YOUR ICON for 18 Days as part of the 2015 18-Day Campaign to End VAW.

Our Objective

ORANGE YOUR ICON for 18 Days aims to strengthen the anti-VAW advocacy by enjoining new audiences to join our cause. The idea is to attract the public’s curiosity on why major landmarks or icons nationwide are colored orange, thereby providing opportunities for advocates to explain the Anti-VAW advocacy. This way, we can raise the awareness and consciousness of a wider audience in taking action on VAW as a public issue.

By participating in this initiative, your organization is declaring your support to the anti-VAW advocacy and bringing the message of zero-tolerance for VAW to the public’s attention.

Why Orange

As a bright and optimistic color, orange represents hope and a future free from violence against women and girls. 

How To Participate

  1. Find major landmarks or icons in your area or community. Your icon can be historical places, statues, monuments or buildings.
  2. Talk to heads of your agency, local government, corporate heads or building administrators to get support and ensure that they are willing to join this global activity for a cause.
  3. Put orange decorations on your chosen icon. You can use flags, streamers or banners. You can even paint your landmark into orange if possible or use orange spotlights during the night! Be creative!
  4. Put orange lights around your landmark/icon and light them up in the evening. Last year, major landmarks around the world were lit orange to draw attention to the issue including the Empire State Building, UN Headquarters and large screens in Times Square, the Angel of Independence in Mexico City, the Palace of the President of the Republic of Ecuador, the Torre Futura in San Salvador, the Administration Building of the Panama Canal, and the Sphinx and the Pyramids at Giza in Egypt. 
  5. We’d love to know how you ORANGE YOUR ICON for 18 Days! Upload photos, videos and reports featuring your orange icons and other 18-Day Campaign to End VAW activities to your official websites for everyone to know that you are part of this global campaign. Please send us a link to your site ( so we check them out! Creative “orange” photos and relevant campaign activities will be featured in the PCW website and social media accounts.