Nominations for PCW NGO Board Commissioners

The Philippine Commission on Women (PCW) is pleased to announce that nominations for PCW NGO Board Commissioners will be re-opened for the following sectors as the Office of the President Search Committee requires at least three names for each sector:

  1. Business and Industry
  2. Science and Health
  3. Urban Poor
  4. Indigenous Peoples
  5. Peasants and Fisherfolks
  6. Media and Arts
  7. Culture
  8. Youth

Please refer to the attached (a) Functions of the Commission and PCW Commissioners, (b) Selection Guidelines, (c) EO 208, and (d) EO 268. Please use the PCW-prescribed (e) Nomination Form.

Deadline for submission of acceptance of nominations and attachments is midnight of 24 January 2014. Nominations and complete attachments received after this deadline shall not be considered.