NCRFW spearheads advocacy forum on gender statistics

The National Commission on the Role of Filipino Women (NCRFW), in partnership with the Inter-Agency Committee on Gender Statistics (IACGS), will spearhead the Advocacy Forum on Gender Statistics. The forum will be held on May 13, 2008 at NEDA sa Makati Building in Makati City.

Government agencies that produce socio-economic statistics will be presenting their latest data based but not limited to the indicators of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), Statistical Gender and Development Framework (Core GAD) and Framework Plan for Women.

According to NCRFW Commissioner for Education Sector Dr. Amaryllis Torres, sex-disaggregated data is essential to collect and analyze statistics that reflect the issues of importance to women and men in society.

NCRFW Commissioner Dr. Torres, who heads the IACGS, explained that relevant gender-disaggregated data in the areas of labor and employment, trade and industry, wages/income, overseas employment, women in agriculture and informal sector are necessary tools not only to users interested in the analysis of gender issues but to all users of labor statistics including economic analysts and policy decision makers.

“Having an accurate sex-disaggregated data will avert the misrepresentation on the contribution of women and men to the national economy. With these data, policies and programs that impact on labor markets and the Philippine economy will reflect the workers’ contribution and promote gender equality in the country,” she said.

The NCRFW Commissioner added that relevant sex-disaggregated data likewise serves as a guide in advocacy work geared towards women’s welfare and advancement in the various sectors of the Philippine society.

“Every effort aimed at advancing the status of women requires timely and accurate information on their situation in comparison to men. Understanding where, why, and how gender inequality arises is a vital step in addressing gender and development problems and issues,” she emphasized. Dr. Torres likewise noted that timely and readily available information and data ensure that participation and contribution of both women and men to the Philippine society are accurately measured and valued.

With accurate gender statistics, Dr. Torres stressed that differences between women and men will no longer be overlooked in the design and implementation of development polices, plans and programs.

“Sex-disaggregated data are essential in order to assist policy makers and planners in identifying development projects and programs that respond to the differential needs of women and men,” she added.