NCRFW launches PhilGAD Portal, the country’s gateway to Gender and Development

The National Commission on the Role of Filipino Women has recently unveiled the PhilGAD Portal which aims to be the country’s electronic gateway to Gender and Development.

The PhilGAD Portal was conceptualized to become the NCRFW’s online knowledge base for information on GAD activities and Filipino women’s status in the Philippines. The initiative is supported by the Canadian International Development Agency-Gender Responsive Economic Actions for the Transformation of Women Project (CIDA-GREAT Women Project).

It is envisioned to be the hub or the central point of access to all existing knowledge on GAD with an online community who share their knowledge on GAD and discuss important women’s issues.
The portal contains information about gender mainstreaming efforts in the Philippines, good practices on gender mainstreaming, laws and legislation on women, gender statistics, and full text of GAD tools, NCRFW publications, foreign-assisted projects, other information references and multimedia resources produced by NCRFW and its partners.

It also features the directory of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working on women as well as a database of experts specializing on GAD and related fields. Information on events and activities such as conventions, conferences, medical missions, trainings and scholarships that may benefit women are likewise included.

The portal which is part of the NCRFW Knowledge Management System aims to enrich the knowledge of GAD practitioners, advocates, researchers and like-minded individuals through sharing and exchanging information and experiences with the rest of the online community.

The most reliable and latest Information on GAD in the Philippines is now at your fingertips!