National Women’s Day Program and Simultaneous Nationwide Streetdance

Guide to all participants

  1. Interested individuals, parties, organizations, or agencies may register online at
  2. Registration booths, located at QMC Biking area, will be opened for walk-in participants.
  3. Please be at the assembly point (QMC Biking area near Visayas Avenue-Commonwealth Avenue entrances) by 5AM on March 8, 2015 (Sunday). The parade will start at exactly 6AM.
  4. Participants are encouraged to use the Women’s Month T-shirt during the parade. Design of the official Women’s Month T-shirt shirt can be downloaded at Participants who are unable to procure the prescribed upper attire they may wear purple T-shirts instead. Lower garments can be jeans, shorts, jogging pants or any comfortable clothing.
  5. Particpants are requested to put face paint (woman symbol) on their face.
  6. Participants are advised to learn the official dance “Juana, Ikaw Na ang Manguna!” Instructional video can be downloaded from
  7. Participants are discouraged from bringing valuables and bulky bags to avoid inconvenience during the activity. The organizers will not be liable for any loss or damage to your belongings.
  8. The National Women’s Day Celebration will proceed rain or shine. Kindly bring umbrellas or clear raincoats in case of bad weather. In case of severe inclement weather, announcement shall be made through the agency coordinator at least two days before the event.
  9. Participants are encouraged to bring their own food and water.
  10. To maintain cleanliness of the route as well as the assembly area and program area, participants are requested to refrain from littering before, during and after the walk. Kindly bring a small plastic bag where you can place your garbage. The designated garbage areas are along QMC entrances.
  11. The PCW staff and event organizers (wearing proper IDs) are the persons in-charge of mobilization for this activity. The concerned staff shall facilitate the orderly movement of participants from the assembly area to the starting line.
  12. The National Women’s Day Celebration is a peaceful advocacy event. Bringing of deadly weapons that may cause harm to other participants is strictly prohibited. Police, security officers and traffic aides will be fielded all throughout the walk to ensure security and safety among the participants.
  13. At 7:00 AM, everyone is enjoined to gather once again in front of the Liwasang Aurora for a short program. After the program, is the simultaneous nationwide street dancing of “Juana, Ikaw Na ang Manguna!”
  14. In case of emergency, medical assistance will be available at certain points along the QMC.

Additional Guidelines for Government Agencies

  1. Participants from government agencies and LGUs are required to bring their official Women’s Month streamer which will be carried in front by the delegation. They must also assign one coordinator and one marshal for their delegation.
  2. Vehicles carrying the delegation of the agencies and LGUs are not allowed to park along Elliptical Road to avoid traffic congestion. Designated parking areas are inside the QMC (first come, first serve basis)
  3. Women’s Day Celebration expenses such as the campaign shirt, streamer, transportation, food and bottled water for the participants, may be charged against the agency or LGU’s GAD budget for Women’s Month activities.
  4. Delegations are advised to fill-out the online group registration form. The list of participating organizations generated from the online registration will be included in the report to the President along with the report of activities conducted by the agencies/LGUs in celebration of the 2015 National Women’s Month.