MOVE Statement on The Naked Truth Fashion Show and Rape T-Shirt


The Men Opposed to Violence Against Women Everywhere, Inc. –Aklan raises its strongest condemnation to the incessant and sustained commodification of women in our country. The most recent is the just concluded fashion show of BENCH products, especially the perverted segment where the artist Coco Martin is shown walking in the ramp with a woman in skimpy clothing on a leash. The segment was labelled “Pets” and the acts show how lowly and discriminatory the producers view women and are likened to pets… or some lowest forms of animals. This is a clear affront to the women and gross violation of women’s rights.

Another disturbing case is the production of T-shirts and sold by popular malls perpetuating rape. Rape is a public crime and it has no place in our civilized society. Propagating, justifying, and producing commercial products that allow rape to any person but more often to women is tantamount to the commission of the crime.

MOVE-Aklan strongly denounces these acts that stems from the very macho culture that pervades our society. Many men continue to view women and girls as objects of fantasies and desires and treat them as objects for personal gratification which results in the proliferation of dehumanizing acts and victimization of women and girl children.

These discomfiting scenarios demonstrates that even if we are making headway in recognizing the role of women in our society we still demean and discriminate women in our day to day lives. We urge our policy makers, implementers, media and stakeholders to be vigilant of such activities and to make the necessary steps towards conscientisizing all sectors of our society.

24 September 2014, Kalibo, Aklan.

MOVE-Aklan was organized in March 2007 through the Aklan Gender and Development Commission (AGADC). MOVE-Aklan is the Most Outstanding chapter of MOVE-Philippines. It is in the forefront in the campaign to end violence against women and children. In most VAWC cases, the men are perpetrators thus, it is vital that men should take the first steps in ending VAW and upholding women’s rights. MOVE members everywhere pledge NEVER TO COMMIT VAW, NEVER TO CONDONE VAW AND SPEAK OUT AGAINST VAW.