PCW Memorandum Circular No. 2016-02: 2016 National Women’s Month Celebration

Date15 February 2016
ToAll Heads of Executive Departments, Agencies, Bureaus, Offices, State Universities and Colleges, Government Owned and/or Controlled Corporations, Legislative and Judiciary Branches, Constitutional Bodies,
Local Government Units, Other Government Instrumentalities and All Others Concerned
Subject2016 National Women’s Month Celebration

Pursuant to Presidential Proclamation Nos. 224 and 227, and Republic Act No. 6949, the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW) leads the annual National Women’s Month Celebration (NWMC).
This year’s theme is “Kapakanan ni Juana, Isama sa Agenda!” (Include Women in the Agenda). The theme resonates the call for gender-balance in leadership and decision making positions both in public and private sector, inclusion of women’s concerns in leadership platforms and the government’s development agenda, and capacitating and preparing women and girls to reach their ambitions.

All government agencies and LGUs are enjoined to participate in the Women’s Month Celebration and promote public awareness in the observance of the event by undertaking activities, such as the following:

  1. Organizing activities related to this year’s theme and focus areas during the month-long celebration with both external and internal stakeholders as participants;
  2. Hanging of 2016 NWMC official streamer in the agency’s premises including those of its regional and field offices, local government units, and Philippine embassies and consulates;
  3. Featuring the organization’s calendar of activities, activity implementation reports and Women’s Month advocacy materials in official websites, social media accounts and publications, and sending links of the reports to PCW through e-mail: events.pcw@gmail.com;
  4. Uploading of the official logo, advocacy video and other National Women’s Month advocacy materials in the agency’s website, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter pages;
  5. Participating in the online campaign thread about the observance using the hashtag #AgendaNiJuana;
  6. Developing, producing and distributing   IEC materials for 2016 NWMC such as collaterals designed by PCW and agency-specific materials like flyers that feature agency services offered to  women clients;
  7. Watching the live telecast of The State of Filipino Women (SFW) Report on March 8 (International Women’s Day) on PTV Channel 4;
  8. Using the All-Women Cast Lupang Hinirang Video in agency’s NWMC activities (PCW Memorandum Circular 2016-01);
  9. For agencies providing frontline public services: reproducing PCW-designed NWMC collaterals or freebies to given away to your women clients;
  10. For agencies / offices in the Greater Manila Area: participating in the 2016 NWMC Public Event entitled “Sama-Samang Pagsulong sa mga Agenda ni Juana” on March 16, 2016 and mobilizing as many delegates as possible (at least 30 delegates per agency/office);
  11. For regional / provincial offices and LGUs: coordinating with other government offices or LGUs for inter-agency / LGU collaboration in holding a regional/local version of the 2016 NWMC Public Event entitled “Sama-Samang Pagsulong sa mga Agenda ni Juana” on March 16, 2016 (refer to Annex 1 for suggested program).

The attendance of government employees in the 2016 NWMC activities especially the March 16 Public Event shall be on official business time. Expenses related to the 2016 NWWC may be charged to the agencies’ Gender and Development Budget.

Please visit our microsite, Facebook page and Youtube Channel for details of the NWMC Concept, Guidelines for Participation in the March 16 Public Event, and advocacy materials and videos.

For questions and clarifications, agencies may contact the PCW Information Resource Management Division (02) 735-85-09, (02) 735-16-54 local 131, 0917-626-7647 (Nikki Delos Santos Francisco), 0917-845-4814 (Kim Harold Peji), 0917-544-7524 (Honey Castro) or email media@pcw.gov.ph.

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