Immediate implementation of RH Law is the best gift on Mother’s Day

There is no greater gift for Filipino mothers than the immediate and effective implementation of the Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health (RPRH) Law following the declaration of its constitutionality‌ in April.

As we celebrate this year’s Mother’s Day, Philippine Commission on Women (PCW) Chairperson Remedios Rikken emphasized that “every mother deserves quality and comprehensive healthcare, thus making the RH Law a victory of Filipino women.”

Rikken added that while we celebrate the monumental decision that ended the 13-year battle, we must be vigilant in ensuring that the pivotal role of our leaders in implementing the law which will address issues of poverty, high infant and maternal deaths, and teenage pregnancies, will be met accordingly.

“Every day must be Mother’s Day. Every mother deserves to be respected, recognized and appreciated as motherhood is the most challenging, never-ending and most-fulfilling vocation of a lifetime” she added.

PCW honors as well the various types of mothers – child mothers, solo mothers, acting moms, surrogates and guardians, who love and nurture their children and families despite their difficult or diverse circumstances.

Again, PCW greets every mommy, inang, ina, inay, nanay, nanang, momsie, mom and mama a Happy Mother’s Day! Salamat sa inyong walang sawang pagkalinga. Thank you for your unconditional love!