Executive Order No. 273: Approval and Adoption of Philippine Plan for Gender-Responsive Development, 1995-2025

WHEREAS, pursuant to Section 14, Article II of the Constitution that provides “The State recognizes the role of women in nation-building, and shall ensure the fundamental equality before the law of women and men,” Executive Order No. 348, series of 1989, approving and adopting the “Philippine Development Plan for Women (PDPW) for 1989-1992” was promulgated;

WHEREAS, the passage of Republic Act No. 7192 otherwise known as the “Women in Development and Nation-Building Act” on February 12, 1992 and the expiration of the PDPW time frame in the same year, calls for a successor plan that shall address and provide direction for mainstreaming gender concerns in development;

WHEREAS, the National Plan for Women shall serve as the main vehicle for implementing in the Philippines the action commitments during the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, China;

WHEREAS, through the concerted efforts of various government agencies and non-governmental organizations, a plan has been formulated for the purpose;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, FIDEL V. RAMOS, President of the Philippines, by virtue of the powers vested in me by law, do hereby approve and adopt the “Philippine Plan for Gender-Responsive Development, 1995-2025,” hereinafter referred to as the Plan, and order that:

1.    All government agencies, departments, bureaus, offices, and instrumentalities, including government-owned and-controlled corporations, at the national, sub-national and local levels, are directed:

1.1    To take appropriate steps to ensure the full implementation of the policies/strategies and programs/projects outlined in the Plan;

1.2    To institutionalize Gender and Development (GAD) efforts in government by incorporating GAD concerns, as spelled out in the Plan; in their planning, programming and budgeting processes, but specifically to:

1.2.1    Include/incorporate GAD concerns in the:

a)    formulation, assessment and updating of their annual agency plans;

b)    formulation, assessment and updating of their inputs to the medium/long-term, development plans; and

c)    preparation of their inputs to sectoral performance assessment reports, public investment plans and other similar documents.

1.2.2    Incorporate and reflect GAD concerns in their:

a)    agency performance commitments contracts indicating key results areas for GAD as well as in their annual performance report to the President; and

b)    annual agency budget proposals and work and financial plans.

2.    The National Commission on the Role of Filipino Women (NCRFW), in coordination with the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA), shall:

2.1.    Monitor the implementation of the Plan by various government agencies; and

2.2.    Conduct the periodic assessment and updating of the Plan every six years or upon every change in national leadership.

In pursuance of the foregoing, the NCRFW may call upon the assistance of any government agency or instrumentality, including government-owned and-controlled corporations as well as existing inter-agency structures, as may be necessary. Non-governmental organizations and private entities are urged to assist and support in the implementation, monitoring, assessment and updating of the Plan.

3.    The NCRFW is hereby authorized, in consultation with the President and concerned government agencies, to issue orders, circulars of guidelines, as may be necessary, for the implementation, coordination, monitoring, assessment and updating of the Plan, as well as in the implementation of the provisions of this Executive Order. For these purposes, the NCRFW may constitute appropriate inter-agency committees.

4.    In view of the Plan’s long-term goal of fully integrating GAD concerns into the whole development process, the mainstreaming of GAD in various government agencies shall be the responsibility of the heads of concerned agencies and their respective offices, with the assistance of their Women in Development (WID)/GAD Focal Points, if any, to ensure institutionalization thereof.

5.    The initial amount necessary for the implementation of the Plan shall be charged against the appropriations of government agencies authorized to be set aside for the purpose under Republic Act No. 7845, including those sources from bilateral/multilateral agencies/organizations or those from the official development assistance (ODA) pursuant to Republic Act No. 7192. Thereafter, budgetary requirements for the succeeding years shall be incorporated in General Appropriations Bills to be submitted to Congress.

6.    This Executive Order shall take effect immediately.

DONE in the City of Manila, this 8th day of September, in the year of Our Lord, nineteen hundred and ninety-five.

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