“Babae, Pambihira Ka” : 2020 Women’s Month Generation Equality Caravan

Monday, February 3, 2020

The Women’s Month Celebration goes National, at its core of the word. The Philippine Commission on Women (PCW) will bring the celebration to Luzon, the Visayas, and Mindanao. The three legs will feature a “fireside chat” that cuts across generations: Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z. The PCW will bring speakers of different ages who are immersed in working for gender equality and women’s empowerment and the participants, who are college students, will have the opportunity to ask them questions, and vice versa, thus opening the conversation, which signifies equality. More than lectures, it is about sharing; More than discussing, it is about relating.

Target Venue and Schedule

Date   Location/Venue Participants
March 9 Luzon (kick-off) University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City College Students
March 17 Visayas Iloilo College Students
March 31 Mindanao Cagayan de Oro City College Students


The event will also feature a BPfA exhibit. The exhibit will show the 12 areas of concern and the progress in addressing women’s issues in the Philippines and around the world. Each caravan will end with a ceremony where the speakers and participants will help form the Generation Equality logo.

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