Encoding and Submission of FY 2020 Gender and Development (GAD) Plans and Budgets (GPB) of Pilot Agencies using the Revised Form and the Gender Mainstreaming Monitoring System (GMMS) Version 3

Date6 December 2019
ToThe Heads of the Department of Agriculture, Department of National Defense, Department of Social Welfare and Development, Department of Trade and Industry, National Economic and Development Authority, Commission on Higher Education, Development Bank of the Philippines, Government Service Insurance System, Land Bank of the Philippines, Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, Philippine Carabao Center, Philippine Center for Postharvest Development and Mechanization, Philippine Rice Research Institute, Technical Education and Skills Development Authority, and All Others Concerned

1.0 Encoding and Submission of FY 2020 GAD Plans and Budgets (GPBs) of Pilot Agencies using the Revised GPB Form

1.1. With reference to Section 3.0 of PCW Memorandum Circular 2019-02 on the piloting of the revised GPB form and GMMS Version 3, the new schedule for the encoding and submission of FY 2020 GPBs of participating agencies shall be from 16 December 2019 to 17 January 2020.

1.2. The updated list of participating agencies for the piloting are as follows:
 1.2.1. Department of Agriculture
 1.2.2. Department of National Defense
 1.2.3. Department of Social Welfare and Development
 1.2.4. Department of Trade and Industry
 1.2.5. National Economic and Development Authority
 1.2.6. Commission on Higher Education
 1.2.7. Development Bank of the Philippines
 1.2.8. Government Service Insurance System
 1.2.9. Land Bank of the Philippines
 1.2.10. Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources
 1.2.11. Philippine Carabao Center
 1.2.12. Philippine Center for Postharvest Development and Mechanization
 1.2.13. Philippine Rice Research Institute
 1.2.14. Technical Education and Skills Development Authority
 1.3. Participating agencies shall use the revised form found in Annex A for their  FY 2020 GPB.
 1.4. The identification of gender issues/GAD mandates, GAD result indicators and targets, and GAD activities; the process of submission of GPB; and the costing and
 attribution of the GAD budget shall be based on the guidelines set under Section 1.2 of PCW MC 2019-02.

2.0 Online Submission, Review and Endorsement of GPBs through the GMMS Version 3.

2.1. The submission, review and endorsement of FY 2020 GPBs of pilot agencies shall be coursed through the GMMS Version 3. Pilot agencies may still access their user accounts in the GMMS Version 2 to view their previous GPB and GAD AR documents.
2.2. Agencies must register their GMMS Version 3 system users – GMMS Focal Person/s, Budget Officer/s, and encoder/s (optional) –  by filling out and submitting the GMMS Version 3 registration form (See Annex B).
2.3. The encoding of the GPB shall be initiated by the system user designated as the Budget Officer. S/he shall be responsible for setting and encoding the proposed budget for each of the agency’s program, activity and project (PAP) based on the FY 2020 National Expenditure Program.
2.4. The GMMS Focal Person, on the other hand, shall be responsible for maintaining the agency profile, as well as encoding and submitting the GPB. The agency has the option to register encoder/s who may input the entries of the GPB into the system, but only the GMMS Focal Person user/s shall have the capability to submit the GPB to PCW.

3.0 For queries, pilot agencies may contact the following PCW personnel:

3.1. Queries related to GAD planning and budgeting using the  revised GPB form
Ms. Ma. Rebecca Rafaela R. Baylosis
Supervising GAD Specialist
Policy Development, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Division
Tel. no.: 87351654 loc. 109
Email address: mrrrbaylosis@pcw.gov.ph

3.2. Queries related to the use of the GMMS Version 3
Ms. Mary Gladys A. Esquibal
Information Systems Analyst I or Mr. Nico T. Natividad
Information Systems Analyst II
Information Communication Technology Section
Corporate Affairs and Information Resource Management Division
Tel. No.: 87351654 loc. 117
Email address: sysadmin@pcw.gov.ph 4.0

For guidance and appropriate action. 


PCW Memorandum Circular 2019-04: Encoding and Submission of 2020 GPBs of Pilot Agencies
Annex A: Revised GPB Form for Piloting
Annex B: GMMS Roster System Users