Commonwealth Acts

Commonwealth Act No. 647: An Act to Grant Maternity Leave to Married Women Who are in the Service of the Government or of any of its Instrumentalities

Married women who are permanently or temporarily appointed in the service of the Government, or in any of its branches, subdivisions, agencies, or instrumentalities, including the corporations and enterprises owned or controlled by the Government, shall, in addition to the vacation and sick leave which they may enjoy now, be entitled in case of pregnancy to a maternity leave of sixty days subject to the following conditions.

Commonwealth Act No. 625: An Act Providing the Manner in Which the Option to Elect Philippine Citizenship Shall be Declared by a Person Whose Mother is a Filipino Citizen

The option to elect Philippine citizenship in accordance with subsection (4), Section 1, Article IV, of the Constitution shall be expressed in a statement to be signed and sworn to by the party concerned before any officer authorized to administer oaths, and shall be filed with the nearest civil registry. The said party shall accompany the aforesaid statement with the oath of allegiance to the Constitution and the Government of the Philippines.

Commonwealth Act No. 613: The Philippine Immigration Act of 1940

A Bureau of Immigration [now Commission on Immigration and Deportation] is established under a Commissioner of Immigration, who shall have two assistants, a First Deputy Commissioner of Immigration [now Associate Commissioner of Immigration] and a Second Deputy Commissioner of Immigration [now Associate Commissioner of Immigration]. For administrative purposes, the Bureau of Immigration [now Commission on Immigration and Deportation] shall be under the supervision and control of the Department of Labor [now Department of Justice] or of any other executive department which the President may subsequently determine.

Commonwealth Act No. 473: Revised Naturalization Law

An act to provide for the acquisition of Philippine citizenship by naturalization, and to repeal acts numbered twenty-nine hundred and twenty-seven and thirty-four hundred and forty-eight