Call For Nominations: Non-Government Organization (NGO) Board Members

The Philippine Commission on Women (PCW), the government’s primary policy-making and coordinating body on women’s empowerment and gender equality is pleased to announce that the nominations for the following NGO Board Members representing the following sectors is now open:

LaborElderly & Disabled
Media and the ArtsPeasant & Fisherfolks
CultureIndigenous Peoples
Science and HealthUrban Poor


  1. Qualities: A strong feminist orientation, is a GAD advocate and lives her advocacy for women’s empowerment and gender equality (40%);
  2. Geographical and sectoral representation (20%); and
  3. Capabilities: Can help implement frameworks on women’s human rights, Gender and Development and the Magna Carta of Women (MCW) (40%)


  1. The PCW Board of Commissioners is a collegial body. It is a governmental entity whose power is vested within its membership. Unlike a single decision-making authority such as the Office of the President, collegial bodies decide by obtaining a majority consensus among its members;
  2. Attend regular Board Meetings and relevant committee or subcommittee meetings that may be created by the Board;
  3. Set the direction of the PCW and along this line formulate policies and recommend measures to address gender issues in various sectors; 
  4. Review and approve national plans on gender equality and women’s empowerment and monitor the integration of gender perspective in national development plans;
  5. Review the progress of gender mainstreaming in the Philippines and recommend measures to address gaps;
  6. Review and approve Philippine reports on the implementation of national laws and policies as well as international conventions on gender equality and women’s empowerment;
  7. Update and/or bring to the attention of the Board critical gender issues and recommend measures and specific interventions;
  8. As needed, invite other department secretaries or their representatives to sit in the Board on ad hoc basis to assist in addressing specific concerns of women, and for the same purpose, create advisory committees or technical working groups with members coming from various government agencies and non-government organizations and as needed the private sector, academe, local government units; and
  9. The Board of Commissioners shall lead in the establishment and implementation of an incentives and award system to recognize outstanding initiatives and performance on gender and development in and among government, non-government and private sector groups and individuals.

Interested organizations should be guided by the following Terms and Conditions:

  • As representative of their sector, NGO Commissioners are ex-officio members of the Board of Commissioners are not expected to serve on full time basis. They are expected to attend Regular Board Meetings and perform the above-stated duties and responsibilities without any salary or compensation.
  • Each NGO commissioner who participates in PCW Board Meetings is entitled to a per diem of P4,250 per meeting but not to exceed 4 meetings a year.
  • If an NGO Commissioner is requested to travel outside of Metro Manila or outside the country to represent PCW in events or meetings, when the event or meeting is not funded by the organizer, PCW pays for the regular travel expenses which include transportation and per diems (to cover hotel and food) for the duration of the travel subject to government accounting and auditing rules.
  • NGO Commissioners living outside of Metro Manila will be provided travel expenses (transportation and accommodations) for their official travel following government accounting and auditing rules, to attend board meetings or relevant activities in Metro Manila.

Nominating entities must accomplish the Nomination Form signed by the nominee as a gesture of acceptance to the nomination. The nomination form shall be accompanied with the Curriculum Vitae of the nominee together with the endorsement letter/s from her organizations and networks. The Completed nomination form and attachments must be submitted with a cover letter addressed to:

The Chairperson
Philippine Commission on Women
1145 J.P. Laurel Street
Malacañan Palace Complex
San Miguel Manila
Telephone Number: (+632) 8736-5250
Facsimile: (+632) 8736-4449

Deadline for submission of acceptance of nominations and attachments is at midnight of September 15, 2020. Nominations and complete attachments received after the deadline shall not be considered.