2014 Women’s Month Celebration: Human Women’s Symbol Formation


  1. Interested individuals, parties, organizations, or agencies must register thru our Human Women Symbol Online Registration Form. This is to ensure that the size of the symbol will be able to accommodate all the participants to the event.

    The human women symbol formation is a peaceful advocacy campaign. Bringing of deadly weapons that may cause harm to the other participants is strictly prohibited. Police, security officers and traffic aides will be fielded all throughout the activity to ensure security and safety among the participants.

    In case of emergency, medical assistance will be available at certain points along the Parade Grounds.

  2. Registration booths, outside the gates, will be available for walk-in (onsite) participants.
  3. Prior to the event, participants are requested to fill up and sign waiver forms. The deadline for submission of waiver forms is on 5 March 2014.
  4. Participants are required to wear white shirts, dark pants and rubber shoes for the activity. The white shirt must be plain or with minimal print only. The color of the resulting symbol must be solid.
  5. The assembly time is 6:00AM at Quirino Grandstand. In case of severe inclement weather, announcement shall be made through the agency coordinator at least two days before the event.
  6. Participants are discouraged to bring valuables and bulky bags to avoid inconvenience during the activity. Bags should be small and easy to carry as we will be in the formation most of the time. The organizers will not be liable for any loss or damage to your belongings.
  7. Participants are encouraged to bring their own food and water. 
  8. To maintain cleanliness of the venue, participants are requested to refrain from littering before, during and after the activity. Kindly bring a small plastic bag where you can place your garbage. Garbage areas are located along the Parade Grounds.
  9. Upon arrival, participants are to proceed to their designated areas in the parade grounds and the grandstand. Marshalls holding names of the participating organizations will be present for easy identification. All participants are requested to be in the assembly area before 6:30 A.M. to avoid being left out of the formation. The program will start at 6:30 A.M. Once the program starts, the main entryways will be closed and latecomers will only be allowed after the participants inside the assembly area have moved to the formation area.
  10. There shall be 12 entry points to the formation area. The emcee will announce the organizations that will move through each gate. Once the signal/announcement has been made, the organizations led by their marshal shall move through the gates in a single line. The marshal shall lead the contingent, with the participants following behind the marshal in a single line. Please follow the emcee and your marshals instructions closely in determining if it’s your organization’s turn to enter the formation area.
  11. At the entry points, each participants will be handed a wrist band and a stub for claiming a free drink which will be given after the program. Participants are to move continuously through the entryways without stopping. This is to shorten the time needed for forming the woman symbol. Two marshals, one in the entryway and one at the exit will count the participants passing through the entryways. The whole process will also be videoed for the documentation requirements of Guinness.
  12. The first group to enter will be the Department of National Defence. The contingent will form the outline of the women symbol to facilitate the formation of the woman symbol.
  13. Once inside the formation, participants are requested to stay. Before the documentation, participants are to remove ay headwear (except our Islam sisters) and to hold their bags in front. This is to ensure that the color of the symbol formed would be solid.
  14. Once the symbol has been formed, a signal/ announcement will be made and the participants are to remain in formation for another 15 minutes for the record requirements. Participants are requested to cooperate sincerely as this is also a requirement for the Guinness. Within the 15 minute documentation there will be messages, and documentation via helicopter. Please do not move out of formation during this time. Again, a signal/ announcement will be made to announce the end of the 15 minutes.