Librarian II

Date Posted: 

Tuesday, July 3, 2018


Sunday, July 15, 2018

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Corporate Affairs and Information Resource Management Division (CAIRMD)

Job Summary: 

A. Manages the operations of PCW Library
   1. Acquires, catalogues, and manages library collections (printed and digital)
   2. Oversees the management of the distribution of PCW publications
   3. Provides current awareness services, including news monitoring and regular dispatch of women and GAD newsfeed
   4. Leads the periodic conduct of inventory of library holdings

B. Provides public information services
   1. Acts as Freedom on Information Receiving Officer of PCW
   2. Responds to public inquiries on women and GAD
   3. Facilitates referral of clients to appropriate agencies and institutions
   4. Provides technical and logistical support to PCW-led information and advocacy activities


- Bachelor’s degree in Library Science or Information Science, or Bachelor of Science in Education major in Library Science;
- At least two years demonstrated experience in library management;
- At least sixteen (16) hours of training in Library Management and other related field completed within the last five (5) years; and
- RA 1080 (Board for Librarians);

Salary Grade: 



PhP 29,010.00 + 2,000.00 PERA / month

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