Administrative Assistant I (CONTRACTOR for GAA Fund)

Date Posted: 

Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Friday, November 18, 2016

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Admin and Finance - Cashier

Job Summary: 

General Function: Under the direct guidance and supervision of the Administrative Officer III, the Administrative Assistant I shall perform a variety of clerical, administrative and financial tasks to assist the Cashiering Section in the Administrative and Finance Division – Cashier Section in the execution of its duties and services to ensure proper financial management of PCW and its Project Partners.

Specific Functions:
1. Prepares and releases checks for Trust Fund and Project-related transactions;
2. Prepares and submits Advice of Checks Issued and Cancelled (ACIC) to LBP;
3. Updates and maintains the Warrant Register/Cash Books immediately after checks are duly signed;
4. Prepares the daily\ Reports of Checks Issued (RCI);
5. Encodes Monthly Reports of Accountability for used and unused checks and Official Receipts of the AECID and CIDA Funds;
6. Assists in the preparation of the following reports for the following agency funds (CIDA):
     a. Record of Collections and Deposits (RCI)      b. Reports of Disbursements (i.e. Payroll, Replenishment)   c. Replenishment Report of revolving funds-OBR                                                                   
7. Prepares list of the Due and Demandable Accounts Payable-   advice to Debit Account (LDDAP-ADA) and Summary of LDDAP-ADA’s issued and invalidated ADA entries (SLIIE) of General Fund;
8. Routes documents to concerned divisions/sections and signatories;
9. Assists recording of checks in the check book;
10. Files/organizes related files and documents;
11. Assist in the preparation of replenishments (e.g., recording, reconciling and summarizing); and
12. Performs other duties as assigned by the Administrative Officer III from time to time.


• Completion of 2-years studies in college preferably on Office Management, Commerce, Business Management and allied courses with at least 12 units in Accounting;
• One (1) year of administrative/financial clerical work experience;
• Knowledgeable in government systems including accounting and auditing procedures and procurement law;
• Four (4) hours of relevant training on accounting, cash management, computer;
• Proficient in computer applications and basic arithmetic functions;
• Good communication skills (oral and writing);
• Must be good in coordination work;
• Preferably, willing to work within time constraints and under pressure;
• Hard working and with high degree of emotional intelligence; and,
• Must be a team player and must have the ability to interact positively with staff at all levels.


The PCW will pay a service fee of SIX HUNDRED EIGHTY-THREE AND FORTY-NINE CENTAVOS (Php 683.49) daily subject to applicable mandatory withholding taxes.

Employment Status: 

Service Contract

Contract Duration: