The Interagency Committee on Rural Women invites women's organizations and network to submit nominations for the Search for Outstanding Rural Women 2010.  The competition was conceptualized in order  to give due recognition to rural women who have shown excellence in their fields of endeavor, have contributed outstanding accomplishments in developing the agriculture, fishery, and natural resources sectors and made significant impact in the lives of the people in the rural areas; and to document the success stories of the awardees who showed the significance of committing to the right of ind

Babae, Yaman Ka ng Bayan!

This year's theme highlights the critical role of women in nation-building and recognizes that women are an important resource who can contribute to the reduction of poverty. Considering the present global financial crisis, it is timely to tap half of the country's resource, the women, and create a gender-responsive environment to encourage and support them to venture into high-value and more meaningful economic activities and enterprise development.

I. Background