Advisory for Confirmed Delegations for the 2016 18-Day Campaign to End Violence Against Women (VAW) Kick-off Activity

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Issuance of entry tickets

1. Due to huge registration turnout, the organizers shall issue entry tickets to confirmed delegations upon arrival at the venue on 25 November.

2. Entry tickets are free of charge but only individuals/agencies/organizations that have successfully pre-registered can claim their entry tickets for the kick-off activity. For safety and security purposes, the event shall not longer accept walk-in participants and shall strictly enforce a “no ticket, no entry policy.”

Registration procedures

3. The Registration Secretariat shall open at 7:30 AM, and is located at the Reception Hall Lobby (left side upon entry from lower Bridgeway).

4. Please assign a team leader and/or an alternate team leader for your delegation and submit their names to PCW using the form at the end of this Advisory by November 23.

5. On the day of the event, team leaders shall approach the Registration Secretariat and follow these procedures to facilitate quick issuance of tickets:

5.1. present your agency/company/school ID (or any valid ID in the case of individual registrants) to the registration secretariat to identify yourself;

5.2. submit the list/names of your delegates (this could be a printed list or a copy of your special/office/mission order);

5.3. sign the registration sheet after you are issued the tickets equivalent to the number of your pre-confirmed delegates.

6. Please note that the Registration Secretariat holds a list of all confirmed delegations with the corresponding number of delegates for each agency/organization. They will only issue tickets equivalent to the number of your pre-confirmed delegates.

Waiting area prior to open house

7. Delegations may stay at the lower Bridgeway while waiting for the open house at 8:00 AM. Team leaders may also distribute the tickets to individual delegates in the said area.

Cut-off for claiming of tickets and schedule of open house

8. Pre-confirmed agencies/organizations/individuals can claim their tickets only until 8:45AM. No show or non-appearance at the registration secretariat area within the prescribed period means forfeiture of tickets.

9. Doors to the Reception Hall shall be opened at 8:00 AM and will close at exactly 8:55 AM. The program will start at 9:00 AM.

10. Participants are advised to use the doors at the first floor of the Reception Hall for entry and present their individual ticket to the ushers who will tear-off part of the ticket.


11. In the event that you need to step out of the venue, please have the ushers stamp your right wrist with the event badge to re-enter the venue without a ticket.

Seating arrangement

12. Free-seating shall be observed, except for seats duly marked as reserved by the organizers. Early arrival means better chances of getting the seat of your choice.

13. The event will use both the first and second floor of the Reception Hall. Please use the stairs located inside the Reception Hall if you wish to stay at the second floor.


14. The opening program shall start at 9:00 AM and will be very brief, with no more than four speakers. Informances by the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) with video and live testimonials of different stakeholders for the campaign to end VAW shall follow. The third segment of the program will include a walk-through about the Orange Your Icon for 18 Days Advocacy Initiative of PCW and the Department of Tourism, AVP of IACVAWC member agencies’ commitment to achieving a VAW-free society, and the Keynote Address by Vice President Ma. Leonor Robredo. The event will be capped by a commitment ritual where audience participation is a must.

15. Participants are advised to stay until end of the program for the commitment ritual where PETA performers will interact with the audiences. For this purpose, please bring orange handkerchiefs or orange cloth/scarf. Agencies/organizations may consider procuring and providing the said item for their delegation.

16. The program shall run continuously; hence, participants are advised to refrain from standing and walking around or in and out of the Reception Hall to avoid disturbing your fellow participants.


17. Participants are encouraged to use the orange campaign shirt the event. Design of the official 18-Day Campaign shirt can be downloaded at  In case participants are not able to acquire the prescribed upper attire, they may wear any orange shirt / blouse / polo instead.

Other reminders

18. Bringing of food and drinks are not allowed inside the venue and its premises. The exclusive Caterer of the PICC is Via Mare. Considering the allowable expenses for meals, agencies may consider arranging their delegation’s meals in nearby establishments to avoid possible post-audit observations.

19. Bringing of pets, alcoholic beverages and deadly weapons that may cause harm to others are also strictly prohibited.

20. Pay parking is available in CCP Complex. Payment shall be on personal account of vehicle owners.

21. Ramps and wheelchair area are available inside PICC Reception Hall. Participants who are accessing these provisions are requested to advise PCW in advance so we can notify the venue ahead of time.

22. The event is a peaceful and politically-neutral gathering of people and organizations sharing the common vision of addressing Violence Against Women and making our community VAW-free. Agencies/organizations are requested to advise their delegations to help the organizers maintain cleanliness and orderliness before, during and after the program.

23. To maintain cleanliness of the assembly area and program area, participants are requested to refrain from littering and vandalizing the area before, during and after the activity. #

For further details, contact the PCW-Information Resource Management Division (IRMD) at Tel. Nos. 735- 8509 or 735-1654 local 131 or email

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