This section lists several directories that could prove useful in putting up gender and development (GAD) related activities or seeking information or assistance on matters pertaining to women in the Philippines.

GAD Resource Pool

The Gender and Development (GAD) Resource Pool (GRP) shall be composed of individuals and organizations from the government, private sector, non-government organizations (NGOs) and academe that specializes in the provision of technical assistance on and for GAD and GAD mainstreaming.

The GRP intends to enhance PCW’s work and partnership with the other agencies of the government and sectors of the society. It shall also serve as a support mechanism for the Commission as a venue for individual and organizational GAD practitioners and prospective GAD advocates to channel and share their expertise. It shall provide support for other government agencies and private entities aiming to improve their delivery of gender related services through exposure and increased awareness on gender issues and concerns from recognized GAD and sectoral experts.

Membership to the GRP is open to qualifying individuals and organizations interested in fostering the purpose and objectives of the GRP. However, it shall be bound by terms and conditions set by the PCW.

GAD Resource Centers

The Gender and Development (GAD) Resource Centers (GRCs) in the Philippines are academe-based facilities in partnership with the PCW that cater to needs on GAD related activities and technical assistance.

The regional GRCs are plotted in the following interactive map. Just hover and click to find more information.

NGOs Working on Women

Following is the directory of non-government organizations (NGOs) that deal with women in the Philippines. Besides the alphabetical masterlist, the women NGOs are also organized by area, target group and services available.

Since this directory is updated annually, some information may not be at par with existing details of the NGO. For request for inclusion of your organization or update of information reflected herein, please feel free to contact us.