Contractor for the Migration of PCW's Web-based Systems to Cloud Infrastructure

PhilGEPS Reference: 


Area of Delivery: 

  • Metro Manila

Bid Duration: 

2018-06-09 00:00 to 2018-06-15 10:00

Bid Status: 


Procurement Mode: 

Limited Source Bidding (Sec. 49)

Bid Classification: 

  • Consulting Services

Bid Category: 

  • Information Technology


PHP 848,000.00

Delivery Period: 

60 Day/s


The Department of Information and Communications Technology issued the Department Circular No. 2017 – 002 prescribing the Philippine Government’s Cloud First Policy. The Circular aimsto reduce the cost of acquisition and operation of government ICT by eliminating the duplication of hardware and systems, fragmentation of databases and the use of cloud computing technology to reduce costs, increase employee productivity and develop excellent citizen online services.

Section 5 of the said circular encourages the government agencies to adopt a “cloud first” approach and to consider cloud computing solutions as a primary part of their infostructure planning and procurement.

According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, “cloud computing is a model for enabling ubiquitous, convenient, ondemand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g., networks, servers, storage, applications and services) that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction."

One of the web-based system that the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW) planned to migrate to cloud is the Gender Mainstreaming Monitoring System (GMMS). GMMS is an online system for automating the GAD Plan and Budget (GPB) and GAD Accomplishment Report (GAD AR) submission of the agencies, GOCCs, SUCs and other government instrumentalities. It is hosted and being managed by the PCW and it runs on Windows, Apache, MySQL and PHP.

With this in mind, the PCW seeks to engage the services of a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) for the migration of web-based information systems to the Cloud Platform.

The Project aims to:
a. Migrate the PCW web-based systems to cloud platform to improve performance and accessibility;
b. Capacitate the CAIRMD staff in the configuration, administration and maintenance of the web-based information system within the cloud environment.

a. Seamless migration from onpremise operation to cloud deployment;
b. Detailed workplan which among others should include thorough and clearly defined timeline, strategy and procedures for the seamless migration to cloud;
c. CAIRMD staff trained on the configuration, management and administration to ensure integrity, security, accessibility of PCW’s web-based information systems and their databases; and
d. Post-migration report which includes but is not limited to new cloud architecture and enduser training documentation.

The project shall cov er the acquisition of cloud computing subscription services and migration of PCW web-based systems from on-premise configuration to cloud environment (Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS). This will involve the engagement of a Microsoft Cloud Service Provider to perform the following tasks:

1. Cloud Readiness Assessment, Information Gathering and Planning:
• Onsite review/inventory of the existing infrastructure;
• Identification of potential challenges relevant to the m igration and possible solutions;
• Identification of necessary task,including network configurations;
• Development of migration and deployment plan, includingstrategi es and procedures following industry-recognized best practices; and
• Conduct of cloud services consumption planning.

2. CloudMigration and Subscription:
• Provision of assistance to PCW in the creation of Virtual Machines (VMs), including necessary configurations for data security, redundancy and replications;
• Integration and synchronization of PCW’s Active Directory to a multitenant, cloud-based directory, and identity management service;
• The service should also provide single-sign on capabilities to Office 365 and other cloudbased Software as a Service applications;
• The service must be capable of providing seamless access to on-premises line of business applications through integrating with PCW’s existing Active Directory;
• The service must provide multiple levels of aut hentication and enhanced monitoring capabilities;
• Provision of assistance to PCW in the Certificate Signing Request (CSR)generation and installation of wildcard digital certificates (SSL);
• Provision of assistance to PCW in setting up necessary analytics and reports related to cloud sessions/connections;
• Provision of cloud services for one (1) year with subscription fee subject to withholding of applicable government taxes.

3. PostMigration
Support and Technology Transfer/Training
• Provision of 1-year standard support:
  o 20 Hours 8x5 Helpdesk Support (supp ort available from 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday);
    - Phone and Email Support
    - Remote Support
• Provide at least one (1) day basic operational and troubleshooting training for the PCW administrators.
• In order for the PCW ICT Team to properly manage/maintain and secure the new cloud infrastructure, the Cloud Service Provider must provide a vendor-certified training for implementing cloud infrastructure solutions for three (3) persons with corresponding certification exam including retake.

The Contractor shall ensure the registration of the PCW ICT Personnel to vendor-certified training institution(s) even if the training schedules falls outside the project period.

The Contractor must meet and dem onstrate the following minimum qualifications:
a. The Contractor(s) should be in the ICT business for a minimum of five (5) years;
b. The contractor must be a Platinum PhilGEPS member;
c. Must be a Certified Cloud Service Provider (CSP);
d. Must have at least (2) Certified Cloud Architects w ho are organic to the Contractor’s firm;
e. The Contractor must have rendered similar services for a reputable organization in the pas t two (2) years.

The Consultant shall c omplete the migration within sixty (60) calendar days from the date of receipt of Notice to Proceed.

a. Designate technical officer/staff who shall act as a Contact Person/Coordinator in coordinating/scheduling the use/availability of facilities, arranging meetings, and interfacing with the Consultant regarding its services and outputs.;
b. Review and approve work plan submitted by the Contractor within (5) working days upon submission;
c. Provide workspace/venue/meals for the conduct of business requirements gathering, meetings, workshop, trainings, and discussions including office equipment such as projectors and printers;
d. Grant the Contractor and its authorized representatives access to its premises, facilities and resources to performs its responsibilities under the engagement;
e. Pay the Contractor the amount specified in the Payment Scheme which shall stipulated in the Contract of Services;
f. Issue certificate upon completion and determination of project output acceptability.

The total approved co ntract price for the project is Eight Hundred Forty-Eight Thousand Pesos (848,000.00)inclusive and/ or subject to applicable government taxes. Each payment will only be given upon completion and submission of agreed output per tranche and upon issuance of a Certificate of Acceptability of outputs and services by the PCW.
First Tranche – PhP 515,000.00, subject to withholding of applicable government taxes, to be released upon delivery and acceptance of the following:
  • Workplan including but not limited to migration strategy and Project Timeline;
Second Tranche – PhP 200,000.00, subject to withholding of applicable government taxes, to be released upon delivery and acceptance of the following:
  1. Cloud subscription for one (1) year for the following services:
     • Two (2) Virtual Machines (VM) with the following processing requirements as startup (minimum) where the excess consumption will be billed.
        o 8 vCPUs, 32GB RAM with 64GB temporary storage and Windows 2012 as the operating system (B8MS);
        o 1TB General Purpose V2 Block Blob Storage with Locally Redundant Storage (LRS) Redundancy;
        o 1TBGB Bandwidth utilization (Asia Pacific);
        o With five (5) static IP addresses;
        o App Service with Standard Tier (S 1: 1 Core, 175 GB RAM, 50GB Storage x 730 Hours);
        o Key Vault (1 operations/mo, 0 advanced operations/mo, 0 renewals/mo, 0 protected keys/mo 0 advanced protected keys/mo)
        o VPN Gateway with Basic VPN Tier, 730 gateway hours, 50GB VPN outbound VPN gateway type
     • Use of the existing subdomains for the systems
     • Assist PCW in the CSR generation and installation of wildcard digital certificates (SSL) for Azure. SSL Certificate will be purchased separately and is not included in this engagement
     • Antimalware/endpoint protection for the virtual machines
     • Provision of connection/session analytics
Third Tranche – PhP 133,000.00,subject to withholding of applicable government taxes, to be released upon Registration of PCW ICT personnel to vendor-certified training partner.

The Contactor warrants the full confidentiality of all in formation gathered for the contract given by PCW pursuant to existing laws. The Consultant shall not disclose any communication disclosed by PCW for the purpose of this engagement. After the completion of the contract, all materials, data, and other related documents provided must be returned to PCW.