Consultancy Services for the Development and Production of Educational Video on Gender and Development Planning and Budgeting (GPB) Process for Local Government Units (LGUs)

PhilGEPS Reference: 


Area of Delivery: 

  • Metro Manila

Bid Duration: 

2018-05-27 00:00 to 2018-05-30 17:00

Bid Status: 


Procurement Mode: 

Negotiated Procurement-Small Value Procurement

Bid Classification: 

  • Consulting Services

Bid Category: 

  • Consulting Services


PHP 250,000.00

Delivery Period: 

30 Day/s


As part of Philippine Commission on Women’s (PCW) strategy to localize the Magna Carta of Women (MCW), the PCW-Technical Services and Regional Coordination Division (TSRCD) will develop educational videos related to gender
and development (GAD) mainstreaming. This will aid the local government units (LGUs) and other stakeholders in the regions to have a quick reference on GAD-related policies, processes and strategies in designing and implementing local programs and services. The production of these videos will also contribute in strengthening PCW’s information,
education and communication (IEC) materials and its vision of creating a GAD e-learning platform in the future.

Initially, PCW-TSRCD will focus on developing educational videos relative to GAD Planning and Budgeting (GPB) process in LGUs. The following will serve as reference materials in the development of said educational videos:
• PCW-DILG-DBM-NEDA Joint Memorandum Circular (JMC) 2013-01 or the Guidelines on the Localization of the MCW;
• PCW-DILG-DBM-NEDA JMC 2016-01 or the Amendments to the PCW-DILG-DBM-NEDA JMC Guidelines on the Localization of the MCW;
• RA 9710 or MCW;
• Local GPB Frequen tly Asked Questions (FAQs); and
• Learning experience of PCW-TSRCD NGRP members who conduct trainings related to GPB in LGUs.

The PCW-TSRCD will need a Consultant who is expert in rendering motion graphics animation for the development and production of educational video on GPB. The Consultant will produce the following:
• One fully-produced clip of 10-minute high definition (HD) educational video on GPB for LGUs in full motion graphics
animation; and
• Copies of all icons, characters or photographs used in the video in high quality and high resolution formats.

To produce the outputs expected in this engagement, the Consultant is expected to perform the following:
• Enhance, edit and finalize the video outline / script / story board for the GPB educational video;
• Provide a female voice-over and original musical scoring for the video;
• Design, edit, finalize and render full motion graphics animation for the video;
• Shoot or photograph reference documents needed for the video; and
• Submit to PCW the 10-minute HD video in three (3) formats - .mov, . avi and .mp4. in external drive

The PCW is expected to perform the following:
• Develop and provide the Consultant a copy o f the video outline / script / reference materials for the GPB educational video; and
• Review and provide t imely feedback on the output/s of the Consultant.

The Consultant should have the following qualifications:
• Experience in rendering full motion graphics animation for three (3) years;
• Experience in creating outputs similar to the deliverables in this engagement;
• Professional and proven track record;
• Ability to adhere to deadlines and adjust well to the needs of the client;
• Legitimate service provider for government requirements through the on line registration in the Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System (PhilGEPS); and
• Familiar with the government processes and procedures.

The Consultant will be engaged from May to June 2018 following this schedule:
Activities Timeframe Output
• Awarding and Signing of C ontract 4th week of May Contract Signed
• Meeting, presentation and finalization of script storyboards 4th week of May to 1st week of June Final story board and script
1st Tranche – 30% (75,000 pesos)
• Submission of the first draft of th e GPB for LGUs video June 13, 2018 1st Draft of Video Submitted
2ndTranche – 40% - (100,000 pesos)
• Submission of second draft of the GP B for LGUs video June 22, 2018 2nd Draft of Video Submitted
• Submission of Final Video (if the 2nd draft is still not approved) June 29, 2018 Final Video in three formats submitted
3rdTranche – 30% - (75,000 pesos)

The following documents shall be submitted to PCW by the Consultant:
• Expression of interest;
• Company Profile and Po rtfolio;
• Curriculum Vitae of key person nel to be assigned in the project;
• PhilGEPS Registration Number;
• Proposal;
• Mayor’s/Business Permit;
• Income/Business Tax Retu rn
• BIR Certificate of Registration ;
• Omnibus Sworn Statement (see attached template); and
• List of clientele with similar nature of this engagement.

The Consultant shall directly coordinate with PCW-TSRCD on all matters relevant to this engagement. The PCWTSRCD
will assign a focal person who will coordinate with the Consultant, and will be responsible for the following tasks:
• Facilitate the Consultant’s submission of draft/final outputs to PCW;
• Relay the consolidated comments/inputs from the PCW to the Consu ltant; and
• Facilitate processing of payments and professional fees.

The PCW will pay the Consultant TWO HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND PESOS ONLY (Php 250,000.00) to be given in three (3) tranches and subject to applicable taxes.
Payment of professional fess shall be made upon submission of final outputs, subject to the issuance of certificate of acceptability of output by the PCW, and shall follow the schedule agreed upon and stipulated
in the contract of service signed by the Consultant and the the contract of service sign ed by the Consultant and the PCW.