Four (4) Consultants on Product Design and Development for the Handloom Weaving Groups in Luzon

PhilGEPS Reference: 


Area of Delivery: 

  • Metro Manila

Bid Duration: 

2018-02-14 07:30 to 2018-02-19 17:00

Bid Status: 


Procurement Mode: 

Negotiated Procurement-Small Value Procurement

Bid Classification: 

  • Consulting Services

Bid Category: 

  • Consulting Services


PHP 580,000.00

Delivery Period: 

300 Day/s


Scope of Work
The engagement will cover for a one (1) year period. The general scope of work includes but not limited to the following:
1. Coordination with PCW-GREAT Women Project and PTRI in activities related to the engagement;
2. Assessment of the chosen weaving community to determine their capacities, level of commitment, and willingness to engage;
3. Field visits to chosen communities to monitor the progress of works;
4. Development of a prototype sample of new or upscale products out of the fabrics/textiles;
5. Documentation of the process of community engagement; and
6. Participation in project-related activities on by-invitation basis.

Timeline and Expected Outputs
1. Assessment of chosen comm unities to be assisted (field work) 1-2 months Assessment report with photos.
2. Research and development activities (may include field work) 2-4 months Activity report with photos.
3. Product Development (may include field work) 1 month Prototype sample of 2 or more variants or products.
4. Market Testing (may include promotional activities such as trade exhibits, expositions and the likes) 1-2 months Market study; feedback report.
5. Monitoring and documentation (field work) 1 month Written documentation.

Minimum Qualification
The Consultant must possess the following qualifications:
1. Must have extensive background and experience in product design and development;
2. Must have technical knowledge on product development using indigenous fabrics;
3. Must have existing domestic markets or network of retail buyers from local or abro ad;
4. Must be innovative and creative;
5. Willing to travel to rural commun ities where indigenous weaving groups are located; and
6. Should have good writing/reporting skills.

Working Conditions and Arrangements

The consultant will maintain direct working relationship with the WEE Project Manager or her assigned Project Officer.

For more information, please see the attached file.