Conference Coordinator (CC) for Senior Officials Conferences on Gender Mainstreaming in the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community (ASCC) and ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) Sectoral Bodies

PhilGEPS Reference: 


Area of Delivery: 

  • Metro Manila

Bid Duration: 

2018-01-31 13:00 to 2018-02-07 16:00

Bid Status: 


Procurement Mode: 

Negotiated Procurement-Small Value Procurement

Bid Classification: 

  • Consulting Services

Bid Category: 

  • Consulting Services


PHP 600,000.00

Delivery Period: 

300 Day/s


Specifically, the Coordinator shall:
I. Pre-Conference
1. Serve as the pri mary focal point for the coordination, management, evaluation, and reporting of the two ASEAN Gender Mainstreaming Conferences’;
2. Assist in the preparation of logistic al plans for the two ASEAN Conferences in coordination with relevant divisions and offices and agencies within and outside of PCW;
3. Coordinate with the Department of Foreign Affairs - Office of ASEAN Affairs (DFA-ASEAN) for protocols relevant to the conduct of the Conferences;
4. Coordinate and lead the cond uct of preparatory meetings including technical working group (TWG) meetings, interagency consultations and/or validation workshops;
5. Prepare Terms of References (TOR) for consultan ts, resource persons, and/or documenters;
6. Coordinate biddings and consultancy requirements with PCW Bids and Awards Committee;
7. Co-facilitate the review and processing of results of the Survey on Mainstreaming Initiative s, and assist the consultant and resource persons in the preparation of the report based on these results in coordination with relevant PCW divisions and inter-agency groups;
8. Assist the consultant and resource pe rsons in the preparation and development of the training design/program in coordination with relevant PCW divisions;
9. Prepare the guide for resource persons /speakers, facilitators, moderators and documenters;
10. Prepare, finalize and ensure the reproduction of all the required technical documents including presentations,guides, the Conference administrative note, invitations, among others;
11. Ensure that all required administrative and logistical requirements a re well-coordinated with concerned PCW divisions;
12. Provid e monthly progress/status reports on Conference preparations accordingly to the DDO and PDPMED Chief as well as to the Executive Director.

II. During the Conference
1. Conduct briefing/debriefing for concerned PCW staff/units;
2. Provide timely and targeted information to invitees/particip ants, speakers, moderators, documenters, and PCW TWG;
3. Man age on-site technical requirements for the Conference, i.e. phasing of program; documentation, trainer/speaker’s timing, documents distribution, among others;
4. Ensure that Conference outputs/documentation are complete and distributed to the ASCC and AEC sectoral bodies participants;

III. Post-Conference
1. Coordinate and le ad the conduct of post-event meetings including technical working group meetings;
2. Prepare the post-Conference Report detailing its outputs, including agreements and recommendations ;
3. Review results of all workshops and/or breakout sessions and integrate these in the final Conference Reports; and
4. Carry out other tasks related to the implementation of the Conferences.
C. Minimum Qualification Requirements
• With at least six (6) years experience in planning, technical writing, organizing, coordinating and managing national, regional and international meetings/conferences/fora related to women or gender and development (GAD);
• Previous experience in organizing large-scale events and coordinating numerous suppliers and stakeholders (government agencies, LGUs, NGOs, private sector, academe, development partners, etc);
• Familiar with ASEAN programs and structures as well as gender and women’s issues or sufficient background on gender mainstreaming;
• Knowledge on the ASE AN system and its three (3) community pillars: ASCC, AEC, APSC;
• Knowledge and understanding of government planning processes, accounting and auditing policies, procurement and contracting matters;
• Excellent coordinating, networking and interpersonal communication skills;
• Excellent writing skills specifically in preparing conference design, workshop guides, reports and technical documents, among others;
• Detail-oriented and organ ized, able to work on tight deadlines, works well individually and with a team;
• Ability to handle long work hours and has high tolerance for stress;
• A graduate of any social science-related course; and
• Must be Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System (PhilGEPS)-registered.

Professional Fees and Terms of Payment
The PCW shall pay a total of PhP 600,000.00 for the duration of the contract (15 February-31 December 2018), subject to mandatory withholding tax of 13-15%.
The Professional Fee of the Conference Coordinator shall be processed and released on the following schedule* upon completion and submission of the required accomplishment report and other outputs/deliverables, and upon issuance of Certificate of Acceptability of outputs and services rendered as defined in the TOR, duly reviewed and endorsed by DDO and PDPMED Chief.